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Will Tummy Tuck Take Care of Love Handles and Excessive Fat That's on my Sides?

Im getting a tummy tuck soon. I also have love handles. Will the tummy tuck take away the love handles? Im hopping that it does so. READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Skin Hang Like This After a Tummy Tuck when Laying Down on Your Side? (photo)

I am 7WPO, I have had minimum swelling. My PS said I did not need MR once he got inside. I see other ladies have almost like concaves when they have... READ MORE

I removed the tape from my incision and noticed some uneven healing on the sides. Will this go away? (Photo)

I am 9 days post op. I went in at day 6 and got more tape out over the incision. I was instructed to take the tape off today. After removing the tape... READ MORE

Pain in Side 7 Months Post-Tummy Tuck. Normal?

I had a tummy tuck they took off 6 pounds and i can't lay on my left side and it is painful to the touch it has been 7 month since my surgery.... READ MORE

Side Pain after Tummy Tuck

Large apron removel 5.1kg and repair of div .Tummy tuck .After having large long children to a very tall man.I have had a pulling feeling in the... READ MORE

Will the side always look like that? (Photo)

I had my TT December 15. I'm coming along pretty good. I did not have a drainage tube. I took off my Steri-Stripes two days ago and I noticed a red... READ MORE

How long do you have to wait if you want more Liposuction after a Tummy Tuck?

How long do you have to wait if you want more liposuction on your sides and stomach after a tummy tuck? READ MORE

What would be the average cost of a tummy tuck with Liposuction for the sides and back? (photos

I'm getting excited for my consultation July and I'm looking for as much information as possible so that I know actually what to expect. I wanted to... READ MORE

Will liposuction be enough? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 1-14-14 . After surgery I noticed two large flaps on both of my sides. He said they should settle as the swelling goes down. They... READ MORE

10 weeks post Tummy Tuck. I'm suddenly really itchy & bruised down my sides. What could it be?

I've been fine for the most part but have had skin necrosis & my belly button needs to be redone but other than that I've been back at the gym etc but... READ MORE

Bumps popping out on sides & few on waist, bumps are coming from within. Allergic reaction/surgery? (Photo)

Red bumps that appeared a couple months after Tummy tuck. First showed up on inner arms, then On my Sides & in patches. They don't itch bad but sting... READ MORE

Is it possible to have side tuck done. (photos)

Can I have a side tuck to remove lax skin instead of tummy tuck READ MORE

Moderate pain on my sides and pinching and my surgeon has his own practice and no longer works for the facility i had my surgery

I will be 6 mos post op tummy tuck with muscle repair this Friday November 7!! I still have moderate pain on my sides and it feels like something is... READ MORE

Is it Safe to lay on side after 18 days after my tummy tuck?

I am 18 days post op and find laying on my back hard work! In fact I'm getting awful back ache, when is it safe to lay on your side? My recovery is... READ MORE

Will my surgeon complete his work? I'm 3 months post-op

I paid my surgeon to do a full tummy tuck with lipo to the upper abdomen, sides, and my anterior. He however did not do ANY liposuction work he said... READ MORE

If I have more stretch marks on the upper area and the sides, will it be better to get a TT incision not that low? (Photo)

I have seen that some doctors do the incision not that low and some really low, and I need to know what kind of incision will remove more stretch... READ MORE

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