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Can You Undergo a Tummy Tuck with Cold/coughing Symptoms?

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck on Friday. Last Sunday, I started with cold symptoms and have been coughing ever since (today is Wed.) Talked to the... READ MORE

Can I Take Zithromax Before my Surgery on Monday?

I tested positive for strep today. Will this be a problem for my scheduled Tummy Tuck? READ MORE

Cold Symptoms 4 Days Before Surgery?

My TT surgery is on Fri and I have cold symptons today(Mon). My PS office called in ZPak which I started today. Should I go in for the surgery? I have... READ MORE

Cold Prior to Tummy Tuck Surgery

Hi. I am having a huge issue this morning. I have a tummy tuck/abdominalplastly scheduled for Thursday (3 days from now) but I have a slightly bad... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Be Still Wiped out After Tummy Tuck?

My tummy tuck surgery was a week ago. I am still so wiped out I can't be up very long before I want to sit in my chair and rest. Everything I eat... READ MORE

TT in 10 Days Can I Take Zicam? Afraid I May Be Getting a Cold.

Im having a TT in 10 days and I've been having post nasal drip. I'm afraid of getting a cold, can I take zicam 10 days before a TT? The ingredients in... READ MORE

Will having a cold affect surgery (adominoplasty)?

I'm scheduled in 3 days for tummy tuck and everyone around me seems to have a cold I keep eating fruits n veg trying to make sure I don't catch it but... READ MORE

Why would I have a non stop headache and flu like feeling 11 weeks post tummy tuck? Wound opened and infection? (photo)

Is that why? I was recovering I thought great till 4 weeks when my wound opened...infection, antibiotics ( not on now) and 3 debridements followed.... READ MORE

Painful Lymths After TT with Lipo to Flanks 3 Weeks PO. Encountered a friend with MRSA, What Should I Look Out For?

Painful Lymths After TT with Lipo to Flanks at Least 2 weeks. I Have not been sick in years (10 +) Recovery is has been good considering my age (59+ a... READ MORE

Sick After Tt Flu Like No Fever?

I am 19 days po from a full tt Mr and Lipo to the flanks. My incision seems fine other than feeling stiff and sore. The past few days I've been... READ MORE

Can you have a Tummy Tuck if you are sick?

I am a week away from my tt, and I have a small cold. I'm so excited for the surgery I'm paranoid if I still have the cold it will be cancelled. Under... READ MORE

Surgery is Thursday, kids diagnosed with strep. Is there anything I can do to prevent having to reschedule the surgery?

As stated above I am scheduled for tummy tuck/muscle repair on Thursday feb 19 2015. (In 3 days). My kids have been diagnosed with strep today. I... READ MORE

Safe to get a decadron shot 3weeks before FTT and BA?

I'm having a FTT and a BA in a little less than 3 weeks, I think I'm getting sick (i.e. Sore throat and ears). Well the nurse at my job is big on... READ MORE

It's seems like ever since my Tummy Tuck, I get sick a lot after eating. Is this normal?

It's seems like ever since my TT I get sick a lot after eating. I have to be really careful how much I eat and what types of food I consume. I'm not... READ MORE

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