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8mm Separation in Upper Abdomen After Tummy Tuck

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and no liposuction 6 weeks ago. Im 5"2 and 90lb so my surgeon felt there was no need for lipo... READ MORE

Plication with Full Tummy Tuck

I am scheduled for a a TT with flank lipo in April. I am 32 years old. I have lost a total of 60 lbs, and have kept it off since June of 2007. I am... READ MORE

Wound Separation 5 Weeks Post TT?

Tummy tuck, at 5wks post op wound seperation occured. Does it look like it is healing, or do I have to be concerned it will get larger? I am taking... READ MORE

Could a Severe Diastasis Recti and Umbilical Hernia Have Happened During a C-secton? (photo)

Could a severe diastasis recti and umbilical hernia have happened during a c-secton? I have had this separation/giant hole for two years since my 2nd... READ MORE

Can Muscle Repair Be Done if I Don't Have Separation?

I am worried my tummy won't be flat. When I do the "sit-up" test it feels like my muscles are together...I don't feel any seperation... READ MORE

Do I Need a Full Tummy Tuck to Repair a Diastasis? (photo)

Hello, I am 3 months post-partum after my third baby. I think I have abdominal separation (seems to be about 3 finger widths from a self test) which... READ MORE

How to Repair Separated Abdominal Muscles Without Tummy Tuck?

I am 61 and in good health. I had lyposucton many years ago. I do not have a lot of loose skin but I am not even in the stomach. I have a large buldge... READ MORE

Internal Scar Tissue After Abdominoplasty?

I had twins and my rectus was seperated from my sternum to my pelvis. I had surgery to repair that...abdominal plasty. I can feel the scar tissue... READ MORE

Is My Tummy Tuck Scar Concerning? (photo)

I am 18 days post op and my scar right above my mons is becoming extremely red, more so by the day, and some areas appear to be separating. I found a... READ MORE

How long will it take for tummy tuck wound separation to heal? (photos)

I do not smoke, I eat pretty well, and am 39 years old. I am 5 weeks post tummy tuck and lipo. At two weeks I had wound separation. I understand it... READ MORE

Is the Repair of a Permanent Separation of the Rectus Abdominal Muscle a Medical Necessity?

My stomach is shot no control of abs, can barely suck stomach in. I cannot plank. I cannot do situps. I get a horrible cramp in my one ab muscle when... READ MORE

12 days post-op TT: Major wound separation (Photo)

I started having a yellow discharge on the 4th day post TT. Later on the 6th day post surgery I noticed an opening on my incision.I went to go see my... READ MORE

Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Tummy Tuck in Terms of Being a Low, Medium, or High Risk?

Hi I am 4 foot three thirty kg healthy mommy with two children who I had with a c section I am fit and healthy a non smoker or drinker have a 5cm... READ MORE

question about fascia

I had a full tummy tuck and hernia repair with biological mesh about 7 months ago. After going to see my PS because the tummy is still not flat and... READ MORE

14 Days out and Horrified at the Separation and Tearing. Is It Common and What Are my Options? (photo)

Thought have been tearing. Dr said im oversensitive and is fine. At 2 wks po. See tears along incision ripping up. Told me put med adhesive on the... READ MORE

Separation of Stomach Muscle Do I Meet Surgery Criteria and Can It Be Done at Same Time As Another Surgery?

I have a seperation of my stomach muscles following my 3rd child born 4 months ago I can fit 3 fingers width by my belly button and 2 fingers width... READ MORE

3 weeks post tummy tuck and my incision is beginning to separate. Is this ok or should I be concerned? (Photo)

I am 3 week post tummy tuck. I went to place Vaseline on my incision and noticed it beginning to seperate. In this same spot a few day ago it was . Is... READ MORE

Is redness and slight wound separation at 4 1/2 weeks post op normal? How should I care for it? (photos)

I had a full mommy makeover 4 1/2 weeks ago and am now experiencing what looks like a little infection and wound seperation. I see my doctor on... READ MORE

Would it be best for me to have a full TT rather than an extended panniculectomy with vertical and horizontal incision? (photo)

Would it be best if I had the full TT? I have an abdominal hernia that my Dr will be doing a component separation repair and removal of the mesh from... READ MORE

I'm 21 yrs old, never pregnant, have umbilical hernia, and bloated. Could I have diastasis recti? (photos)

I am 21,never been pregnant but told I have an umbilical hernia. I feel a seperation, could this be diastasis recti? I am in very good shape and... READ MORE

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