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Okay for a General Surgeon to Perform Tummy Tuck?

Is it okay to have a Tummy Tuck done by a general surgeon during abdominal hernia repair? Is it also healthy to perform this procedure on a 65 year... READ MORE

OB/GYN Doing Tummy Tuck?

I am having a gynecological procedure done in a month, and the ob/gyn has offered to do a tummy tuck at the same time. I have heard great things from... READ MORE

Help! Just Found out my ''plastic Surgeon'' is Not Board Certified

I already put down $1,000 & I have my surgery scheduled. I've been thinking about a tummy tuck for a couple years,& visited this same... READ MORE

Can the Aspiration of Seroma Done by a General Doctor?

I had TT out of country. My drain was removed on 9th day when it still had an out put of 50cc/24hrs. After a week, Now I can feel the waves of fluid.... READ MORE

How Much Should You Weigh to Qualify for a Tummy Tuck?

How Much Should You Weigh to Qualify for a Tummy Tuck? READ MORE

Is It Common to See a Plastic Surgeons MA for Your First Post-op After a Tummy Tuck?

I was told I would see the surgeon at 3 weeks and again at 3 months. The initial and remainder appintsments are done by an MA. Should I run from this... READ MORE

How to Choose the Best Surgeon for Tt?

How do I choose the best surgeon for a full TT. Am from uk what sort of qualifications experience ect, should I look for. READ MORE

Do I Qualify for FMLA if Im Gettig a Hernia Repaired and Tummy Tuck at Same Time ?

I will be having aTT /MR /hernia repair and wanted to know if i qualify for FMLA and also do i have to let them know that im getting a tummy or can i... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon or General Surgeon For A Tummy Tuck?

I am 2 years out from weight lost surgery and recently had a check up with my weight lost doctor. We discussed a tummy tuck. I recently noticed he is... READ MORE

Large Diastasis. My Surgeon is Board Certified, Yet Not a Plastic Surgeon?

I have a large diastasis, conservatively, the size of a nerf ball. The doctor I am considering is a board certified general surgeon whom specializes... READ MORE

Is my Surgeon Safe? Not Much Info On Him or His Practice?

I have decided to have a TT and have a consultation with a surgeon next week. I was able to find a surgeon that could meet with me right away and... READ MORE

Can Someone else Perform Your Surgery Other Than the Doctor You Paid For?

I was told that sometimes Certified Plastic Surgeons allow students or trainee to perform the surgery. Is this true and if so isn't the patient... READ MORE

If a doctor is on Real Self, and from a different country, how do I know they are safe?

I have researched doctors, and been on several consultations here in the USA. I have also done research on a doctor in Mexico. The doctor in Mexico is... READ MORE

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