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Possible to Undo Muscle Plication After Tummy Tuck?

My wife had a Tummy Tuck 6 months ago. Unknown to her she had muscle repair. She had a permanent stitch removed at week 5 due to pain above her belly... READ MORE

Plication with Full Tummy Tuck

I am scheduled for a a TT with flank lipo in April. I am 32 years old. I have lost a total of 60 lbs, and have kept it off since June of 2007. I am... READ MORE

How Realistic to Expect Oblique Muscles Plication During Abdominoplasty? Why Is This Only Done Overseas?

Dear Docs, I'm considering secondary TT, and while researching options, I found that Brazil and Russian surgeons can do oblique muscles plication... READ MORE

How Do You Know if a Surgeon Did Muscle Plication During Tummy Tuck?

A friend is actually concerned because she experienced very minimal muscular pain after a full tummy tuck. Is it possible her surgeon either skipped... READ MORE

Plicate More Than One Row of Stitches?

I'm 3 months post-op tummy tuck. had very little excess fat or skin but fascia very stretched out, but little muscle separation. after operation,... READ MORE

Risks of Multiple Open Abdominal Surgeries?

I have one final question about abdominal surgeries. What are my risks of undergoing a possible adhesion removal or another plication/hernia repair... READ MORE

Can Revision Tummy Tuck Be Done After Umbilical Float Tummy Tuck Was Performed?

Hi, I am 6 month post mini tummy tuck with umbilical float. I did have muscle plication above my belly button. My belly button is now 2cm lower. I am... READ MORE

What is "Excessive Plication" in Reference to an Abdominoplasty?

I have seen the term "Excessive Plication" as something that should be done to remedy an unsuccessful TT where the upper abdomen still... READ MORE

Possible Muscle Strain

I am 2 1/2 mths po tummy tuck with muscle plication. have had zero problems, everything great until i went water tubing and have had isolated moderate... READ MORE

Can Abdominal Plication with Overlapping of the Muscles Be Undone? (photo)

I had a TT 10 years ago to remove saggy skin post pregnancies. Today there is likely more appropriate & simple procedures for a young, thin... READ MORE

Uneven Conture After Tt, How Can You Tell if the Muscle Repair is Compromised?

3mth post tt, I have no more swelling and am back to normal. My left side feels tight and is flat but, right side feels loose and there is a bulge... READ MORE

Skin Laxity? Swelling? Poor Tone? Seroma? (photo)

I am 15 weeks post TT w umb float and muscle plication. Upon awakening I am relatively flat and skin moderately tight. After rising, within the hours,... READ MORE

When is Muscle Plication Healing Complete?

Tummy tuck. I have been reading a great deal about muscle plication and repair. While it seems that eventually the fascia heals in a certain position... READ MORE

Need Second Opinion After Umbilical Float Tummy Tuck (Unhappy with Post Op Belly Button)? (photo)

I am ~2.5mo post op; muscle plicated, 2-3in skin excised, & BB hernia repaired. BB was floated & lowered 3.5cm (stock detached &... READ MORE

Full Tt 8 Weeks out with Plication-can I Weight Lift?

My surgeon is not allowing me to do anything other than walk or ride a bike for a full year, no crutches, no weights, no yoga, no Pilates. I lift... READ MORE

Treatment of Small Post-Rectus Plication Seroma with Sclerotherapy?

I had a rectus plication 6.5 weeks ago and have a small seroma. It is being managed with weekly aspirations. However, if it doesn't resolve soon, my... READ MORE

Will my Belly Button Look Normal? (photo)

I had a ventral hernia repair w/rectum plication 4 days ago via general surgery. The surgeon said he removed some excess skin as well. I just saw my... READ MORE

What Activity Restrictions Should I Follow for a Small Seroma (10ml Drained) 5.5 Weeks Post-rectus Plication (Not TT)?

I had a rectus plication (without TT) 5.5 weeks ago. After drain removal, I developed a small seroma. 10ml was aspirated from it yesterday and I will... READ MORE

Resolution of Small Seroma with Weekly Aspiration & Abdominal Binder?

I had a rectus plication (not TT) 7 weeks ago & now have a small seroma in my lower abdominal area. 8-10ml is being aspirated weekly from it &... READ MORE

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