Panniculectomy + Tummy Tuck

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Extended Tummy Tuck or Panniculectomy?

I have a Tummy Tuck scheduled for July but after all my searching I am thinking that I might need a Panniculectomy. What is the difference between a... READ MORE

Which is Best for Me, Tummy Tuck or Panniculectomy? (photo)

Here is a link to some of my pictures.. I am 24 years old 5ft 6 and been at a stable... READ MORE

Bulge in my Upper Stomach 5 Month After TT, Visceral Fat or Something Else?

I had a full TT with liposuction of the flanks. Also had a panniculectomy done. I still have a big bulge in my upper stomach. My OB thought I had a... READ MORE

Whats the Average Price of Panniculectomy During Hernia Repair?

I am 25 years old with 3 kids (all 3 c sections), and I have lost about 75 lbs. I am at my goal weight of 121 and I am 5'5. I have a small amount of... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Have a Tummy Tuck with a Panniculectomy?

I am a 43 year old woman. I have three beautiful children that I love very much. Along with my children came 3-c sections over the past 10 years. I... READ MORE

Will Medicare Cover a Medically Necessary Abdominalplasty?

I had a hystrectomy when I was 31. Then they had to go back in a year later to remove the last ovary. Since this I have always had a constant struggle... READ MORE

I'm not losing any more weight & my stomach area is very bothersome. Is a Tummy Tuck or Panniculectomy best best option? (photo)

I'm a 35 year old female and I had a weight loss of 50lbs, my beginning weight was 300lbs and I have stayed at 250 since. I exercise regularly, I'm... READ MORE

Frustration! I don't think this is normal.... Seromas, additional surgery, more drains after a Tummy Tuck?

 I had RNY and as a result I maintained a 135 lbs weight loss. 1/31/14 I had abdominoplasty & pannectomy. 5 weeks ago I developed a seroma. The... READ MORE

Is a pannilecutemy, Cheaper then a tummy tuck?

I have a flop around my midsection. I would just like to remove the extra skiN and fat. not sure what's cheapest. Pannilecutemy or minni tummy tuck? READ MORE

Could I have a seroma almost a year after my tummy tuck? I had a panni and tummy tuck done in August of 2014. (photo)

Surgery in Aug. 2014 after losing 95 lbs, my stomach looked uneven after. My left side didn't want to heal. The incision healed but my drains kept... READ MORE

Should I get a Tummy tuck or panniculectomy?

I'm a 42 yr old female with 3 kids all by c-section. I've also had a tubaligation and a hysterectomy. So now I have a belly that's kind of big for my... READ MORE

Panniculectomy or Tummy tuck? (photos)

After 2 kids and 70lbs weight loss I am left with this saggy and gross flab. It is the only part of me I am truly self conscious of. Jeans don't fit... READ MORE

Partial Insurance Payment?

I know insurance companies do not cover abdominoplasty. However, will they cover a medically necessary panniculectomy, along with facility (OR)... READ MORE

Why do I have so much loose skin after a FDL extended Tummy Tuck?

Surgery March 10, 2015 Extended fleur-de-lis tummy tuck (no MR and no LIPO) Day before surgery 179. Current weight 169 Insurance paid for... READ MORE

Does a tummy tuck include the panniculectomy? Or two separate surgeries?

If I am getting a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) does that usually include the panni or are they 2 separate surgeries? And if insurance covers the panni.... READ MORE

What's a Tummy Tuck?

Is it the same thing as an Abdominoplasty or are they different? How do they differ from a Panniculectomy and how do I figure out which surgery is the... READ MORE

What would be better for me an Abdominoplasty vs. Panniculectomy or a combination of both?

What would be better for me an Abdominoplasty vs. Panniculectomy or a combination of both. I had Gastric By pass 3.5 years ago. I was 445 and am now... READ MORE

Large seroma after TT and panniculectomy - 4 months post op. Any suggestions?

I have had seroma formation since surgery, that continues to increase. I am now 4 months post op. We have drained it numerous, but returns. I am told... READ MORE

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