Minimal Scarring + Tummy Tuck

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Do I Need a Full or Mini Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Iam31 years old with 3 children. My last is 5 years old and was a c-section. I have been doing reasearch on tt's and have had 2 consultations. I was... READ MORE

Full Tt or Mini Tt? (photo)

I have been to 3 surgeons for a tt consult. 2 of these docs recommend full tt. The doc i was most comfortable with says i do not need a full tt and... READ MORE

When Closing a Tummy Tuck Incision Can It Be Done with a Subcutaneous Stitch to Reduce Scaring?

I worked as a vet tech for 8 years and with all the surgeries we did on the animals I noticed the ones who received a subcutaneous running stitch had... READ MORE

Will Combined Lipo of Flanks Upper Abs and a Full to Give Me Desirable Results? (photo)

Im nervous as to what type of results i will receive from lipo of abs and flanks and a full tt with muscle tightening? I am a mother of 4 and i have... READ MORE

I Am 63 but Look 10 Years Younger. Can I Still Have a Safe and Succesful Tummy Tuck?

Generally ok health. Although overweight (185 lbs./ 5'2") much of the mass is my big belly that if I could get rid of will improve my figure... READ MORE

I would like a procedure done to flatten my stomach but don't want a tummy tuck with a scar? (photo)

I've had two childern, I am 37, height 5'2" and weight about 120lbs. I had a consult and the Dr said lipo with tummy tuck. I would prefer not to have... READ MORE

Tummy tuck - lose weight to create more loose skin and avoid vertical scar? (photo)

This is my body type. I have a very small waist. My doctor doe not think he can avoid a small vertical scar. If I were to rapidly lose 10 or 15 lbs,... READ MORE

Do I Need Surgery to Achieve my Goal of Having a Flat Abdomen? (photo)

After giving birth this is how my abdomen looks. Do I need surgery to have a flat abdomen with no love handles or back fat? 118lb 5'0ft what kind of... READ MORE

Extended Tummy Tuck Vs 2 Step Procedure and Photos?

Wanting a tummy tuck, had a consult 2day was told I had 2 options. I can do extended tummy tuck where I will have a huge scar all the way down the... READ MORE

Any Way to Avoid Hip to Hip Scar if Combine with Vertical Scar to Bellybutton?

I have a tattoo on the side of my ribs down to my hips. I want to avoid cutting into it since the tattoo hold a special meaning to me. My question is,... READ MORE

Can I Get Flatter with Exercise And Losing Some More Weight? (photo)

Hi I am two months post op.. I am concerned that I am not going to like my end result.. I am not as flat as I would like to be.. I thought I would be... READ MORE

Extended Tummy Tuck or Traditional Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Im currently interesed in a getting a Tummy Tuck. I got a quote back from one Surgeon that indicates I need an extended Tummy Tuck, I have attached... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Advice?

I had a C-section on May 23, 2012 and have a gorgeous little boy. I've been talking to my husband about a tummy tuck because I've been dieting &... READ MORE

I Had a FTT and Need Muscle Repair is It Possible Without Getting Vertical Scar?

I had a FTT 4years ago my doctor says that he can do a muscle repair without cutting anymore skin since i don't have to skin to cut. he think that ill... READ MORE

Are there products to use to minimize scaring pre-op and post surgical procedure?

I will be having a abdominoplasty and bracioplasty in one week. I understand that scaring is inevitable as well as the severity depending on the... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Kind of Treatment for my Stomach? (photo)

I would like to know what is going to be the best option for my stomach unless I can be guaranteed a fairly low scar I probably don't want anything... READ MORE

Are There Any Doctor's in Central Florida That Know How to Do a Tummy Tuck on Africa American's and Not Leave a Terrible Scar?

I am interested in having corrective surgery done and a tummy tuck. Unfortunately the doctor that did my intial surgery (hips and back) left me with... READ MORE

Is it possible to perform a Full Tummy Tuck with minimal scarring under my hip bones? (photos)

I wear low rise jeans and i'm doing research only to see a lot of scarring... alot above the hip bones. I wear very lowrise jeans and bikini's , I... READ MORE

Are there any alternatives to a tummy tuck? If a tuck is the only solution, are there ways to minimize the scar? (photos)

I've gone through excessive weight gain (120 lb), child births and weight loss over the past 6 years. I have lost close to 90 lbs. Because of all of... READ MORE

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