Irritation + Tummy Tuck

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Irritation/allergic Reaction to Sutures? (photo)

I am 3wks po TT, lipo and umb hernia repair.1 wk after I noticed one area of my abd incision getting red and drainging a sm amount of sero/sang fluid... READ MORE

Itchy, Irritated Skin 6 Weeks After TT

Hi, I have done my tummy tuck 6 weeks ago, the results are just too good and I am very happy with it, I am just facing some skin irretation these... READ MORE

3 Wks Post Op from Abdominoplasty Red, Burning, Irritation from Steristips? Do I Leave Them Off? Or Put Them Back On? (photo)

Should I get a lotion/cream or medication for the irritation? Shpuld I put the steristips back on? Or leave off. The surgical bra and annd compression... READ MORE

Are the Deeper Sutures Always Removed After Tummy Tuck?

I had a complete Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) on May 1, 2009, and I am healing fairly well. However, the deeper sutures that have the ends protruding... READ MORE

Can Abdominal Sutures Cause Irritation Years Later?

I had an umbilical hernia repair and abdominoplasty almost 2 1/2 years ago. I am having dull pain on the right half of my abs. My entire abdominal... READ MORE

Insurance is Covering my Breast Reduction, Will They Cover a Tummy Tuck Too?

I am having a breast reduction paid for my tricare/united healthcare. But lately I have also been considering a tummy tuck as well. Tomorrow I am... READ MORE

Skin Irritation After Tummy Tuck

It's been more than 9 months since I had a full Tummy Tuck. However, I'm currently experiencing a chroninc skin irritation around the scar on... READ MORE

Is this scar healing normally? (Photo)

Hi, would like y'all's input please. Do I need a new CG, it doesn't fit properly now and it rises and it feels like it's cutting my circulation. Also... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Stitches Are Irritating my Skin or Necrosis? (photo)

I had my drains removed 8 days post op. I thought I was on my way to healing normally, but a day after they were removed, so much fluid was coming out... READ MORE

18, male with excess skin from weight loss - What procedure is best? (photo)

Hello, I am 18 and a male. I lost about 50 + pounds through weight lifting and dieting. I am down to 170-185 depends.  I want to know what... READ MORE

4.5 week post op Tummy Tuck w/ Flank Lipo, this crease has been here since day one and causing issues, will it resolve itself?

I am 5' and weigh 108 lbs. I got TT/Flank Lipo due to having 5 kids and excess skin. I exercised daily and eat right, but still couldn't fix my belly.... READ MORE

Plastic clamp in belly button after tummy tuck, hernia repair

I had hernia repair, muscle repair and tummy tuck surgery March 31. A couple of weeks ago I went to have it checked because it was still oozing and... READ MORE

Would insurance cover for Tummy Tuck if my stomach is hanging over my c-section?

Stomach hang over seasection make it irritated hurt and bleed all the time can insurance pay fro sergury. Had a c section when i had my son i am... READ MORE

18 months post op Tummy Tuck, my wife's bellybutton is dark brown. Is this normal? (photos)

Just wanted to know if there's anything that my wife can do her belly button is dark brown 18 months after her Tummy tuck she tried a bleaching cream... READ MORE

What is the average cost for abdominoplasty with hysterectomy?

What is the average cost for abdominoplasty with hysterectomy since I do have insurance and my Dr said everything will be billed by her except the... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation on February 6, 2014. Do my tummy tuck scars look normal? (photo)

Because of the middle of the incision being in my hair line my bf is a little worried that a few spots look irritated. As well the skin around my... READ MORE

Would these conditions present me with complications if I were to have a tummy tuck and thigh lift?

I have lost about 100 pounds, and probably have another 50 to go. I have large pockets of fat on my inner thighs and my pannus hangs very low, causing... READ MORE

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