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Is It Necessary to Wear a Girdle After Tummy Tuck?

My doctor says I don't have to wear a girdle after my tummy tuck.  Is this normal?  It seems other doctors require this. READ MORE

How Long Does the Average Patient Wear Their Girdle After a Tummy Tuck?

Are there times after the recovery period has ended that a patient may want to wear the girdle again? READ MORE

Girdle Panty Vs. Binding for Tummy Tuck Recovery

I am spose to wear my binding after tummt tuck for 6 weeks  what can happen if i dont wear it all the time.. It hurts me and i hate it...Will a... READ MORE

2 Days Post-Op Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction: Itchy Under Dressings

My dressings and girdle. I'm afraid to scratch due to so many incisions. Does any body have any recommendations? READ MORE

What is a Good Girdle After Tummy Tuck?

I am 5 weeks post mommy makeover and have been using a Squeem but the metal rods dig into the bottom of my breast and my thighs. Any others... READ MORE

If I Don't Wear a Girdle my Stomach Swells So Bad It Literally Feels and Looks Like Its Going to Explode?

I had my tt 2 yrs ago. I developed seroma after a month. For the first year I spent a lot of time at my doctors office for drainage. Then I felt as if... READ MORE

Should I Cover my Belly Button While Wearing my Girdle - (Zips in the Front)?

I got a tummy tuck 12 days ago. Been applying ointment that was giving to me by my Doctor and covering it. I'm afraid if I don't cover it I... READ MORE

Hello wonderful docs, I'm 3 months post op TT with muscle repair and I'm afraid I might have undone my muscle repair (Photo)

Three weeks ago I was w/o my girdle & accidentally picked up my 27 lb 2 y/o. Since then I have been in a lot of pain and can see some bulging of my... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with full tummy tuck results, do I need a revision? (4/4/14) (photo)

Unhappy with results from week 1 I had a fold in the middle because the girdle was too tight.The 2 times I saw the dr and said Im not happy he... READ MORE

Am I Retaining Water or Blood? Or is Normal to Loo Like That After 4 Month of the Surgery? (photo)

I have my tummy tuck 4 1/2 month ago. I still using the girdle all the time. I lift weights and I have a diet, but not abs exercise yet. The skin in... READ MORE

Are my results normal for 3 weeks post op? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 3 weeks ago and I think the results look great but my tummy sticks out around belly button, is this normal? I have seen 3 week old... READ MORE

Four months post of tummy tuck, middle just on top of the scar some swelling like as if you are blowing up a balloon. (Photo)

Normally I use a gurdle to hold everything in place but most of the people who has the same operation has now removed the gurdle READ MORE

Should I wear a girdle or not?? I see not all surgeons use them.

I have a condition that leaves me prone to blood clots (May Thurner Syndrome and have had a clot already a few years ago. I am about to get a tummy... READ MORE

My skin is discolored in areas from lack of blood flow. What could I do to increase blood flow? (Photo)

My skin is discolored in areas from lack of blood flow. I am 6 days post op. I am a non smoker. I was wondering what I could do to increase blood... READ MORE

Discolored skin. Could the girdle be too tight? (Photo)

I had a ftt with hip and thigh lipo. I have 2 spots that are discolored not getting enough blood flow. I wear a girdle and binder. Could the girdle be... READ MORE

1'm 3 months post TT 13, and I have a large hematoma under my belly button. How can I help the swelling? (Photo)

Drains dried up very soon, yet got lump. Vertical cut has scarred stuck. It was drained with a needle once, lots of jelly came out on right side: the... READ MORE

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