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What is the Correct Way to Pack a Deep Wound on the Incision?

I'm 5 weeks post op but last week my dr had to get a stitch out and it became this deep hole wound. He just told me to pack it with gauze twice a... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck Tape Removal?

Hi so I am 2 weeks post op from my tummy tuck and I just removed the tape that was placed on my incision at my 1 week post op visit. My question is Im... READ MORE

Am I in the process of healing? I had skin necrosis after the procedure and I see black parts developing again. (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 5 weeks ago , I don't smoke, I don't have diabetics, but I was sadly surprise with skin necrosis after the procudere. My PS cleaned... READ MORE

6 1/2 weeks post TT. Does this necrotic area need additional debridement in order to heal? (Photo)

3 days ago my PS cut out much of the necrotic skin but some still remains. She is having me fill hole with silvadene then stuff with gauze and cover... READ MORE

MediHoney for tummy tuck scars? Do they work?

I have recently read that these are the best gauze to use after a tummy tuck to reduce scarring an infection. Is this true? If so how soo should they... READ MORE

My Tummy Tuck incision opened up, my doctor wants me to pack it with gauze until it heals is that healthy?

I had a tummy tuck performed about 4 weeks ago and recently noticed (about 8 days ago) that the incision opened right on top of my pubic area. My... READ MORE

Why is my belly button not healing? We went to wet to dry gauze but had to go to dry cause of the drainage (Photo)

I'm on a antibiotic. But I don't see any changes the last four pictures are from today the rest of them are over the last three weeks my surgery... READ MORE

What do you put on the incision immediately following Tummy Tuck surgery?

I've read that I need to buy gauze to keep the incision covered but what do you put on the incision itself so it doesn't stick to the gauze? Neosporin... READ MORE

Is it required by all doctors for patients to take a full shower 1 day post op?

I went in for my 1 day post op appt & they are dead set on my showering today & everyday thereafter. I am terrified. When they took off my binder at... READ MORE

My sister got a tummy tuck about two weeks ago and appears she got a rupture on her left side above her hip (Photo)

Should she apply Neosporin ointment with a gauze and it'll seal and get better eventually. Tummy tuck was done on December 16th, 2014 in Tijuana, Mexico. READ MORE

Seroma. How long will this leaking last?

My drains were removed after one week( Drains that were put in my vagina, ewww, three of them, is that I have these gapping holes there,... READ MORE

Will gauze packing solve this? (Photo)

Draining at least 1000cc over 24hrs was not a typo the drain was removed day 4 I am now septic admitted to a critical decision unit another ps went in... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/Lower Body Lift 4 Wound Spots due to forceful exiting seroma and Treatment Using Gauze Stuffing

My question is how safe is it to have fully wet gauze on the inside of a deep wound? I've gone almost two full days with fully wet gauze left in me... READ MORE

What should I do? I'm scared (Photo)

Pl look at pics and tell me what I need 2 to I knew it taped up with dry gauze and change 3 times a day. Did 20 daya on keflix sp? Now on barium pl help READ MORE

I wanted to clean the bloody gauze & replace the same way. What I saw underneath made me scared. Is this normal? (photo)

I see my doctor on Wednesday to take out the drains. Today I wanted to clean the bloody gauze and replace the same way very carefully. What I saw... READ MORE

If I'm allergic to gauze pads what is the alternative for me?

I like to know if I'm allergies to gauze pads what is the alternative for my tummy tuck wound? READ MORE

My tummy tuck cut looks like it's pussing. It's been 7 days and it doesn't seem to get better. Is it infected? (Photo)

I had surgery 3weeks ago,,i was gonna change my gauze pads And clean my tummy tuck cut,the scab got stuck to the gauze , the cut that was underneath... READ MORE

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