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How Much Would Tummy Tuck & Fat Transfer to Buttocks Be in North Carolina?

I weigh 145 lbs, 5'4, 36D. Ive had my gall bladder removed so I have the surgical scar. 2 pregnancies with 1 being a c-section. Im at my ideal weight... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Fat Grafting to Butt

Hello ive had two pregnancies and being thin at the time it made my stinach to protrude. I had a hernia repair with mesh but my stomach still... READ MORE

Is This Skin Necrosis? Also, my Belly Button is Red and Warm Around It. Is That Normal? (photo)

I've had my surgery three weeks ago. I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow. However, I have been on real self and read and got informed about many... READ MORE

I Dont Want Silicone Implants, is It Safe to Inject my Own Fat into my Breasts at the Same Time when Getting a Lift?

I am considering TT, BBL and BL. I wanted my breasts to have a more fuller look with the lift, but i do no want implants of any kind. Therefore i was... READ MORE

Diagnosed with Non Active Lupus Looking to Get Cosmetic Procedures Done?

I've recently been diagnosed with non active mild lupus and will be starting treatments but prior to this finding I was in the process of getting a... READ MORE

Should I get full body lipo and a tummy tuck? Can I also get fat graffing in my buttocks? Around how much will it cost? (photo)

Hi, Im 21 years old and I have no kids. I want to get a full body lipo, I want to get rid of the fat in my stomach, my love handles , flanks, arms and... READ MORE

In Getting a Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Butt Grapt, Can You Use the Fat from the Tummy Also?

I want to get a tummy tuck and butt lift. I heard that the fat from your waist and back is used to transer to butt. What about the fat in the tummy? READ MORE

2 Months Post Tummy Tuck, Lipo, Fat Transfer. Today I Discovered a Lump in My Abs?

Today I discovered I have a lump in my abs section of my stomach were the doctor stitch me at.I'm afraid I might have bust them open.this lump just... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, what is the best stage 2 garment?

I am 5 weeks post op. I had a full TT, FAT GRAPHTING TO MY BUTT & HIPS, and Lipo of my full back. I am currently wearing a butt out full body garment... READ MORE

Would a regular Tummy Tuck or (I think ) a Lipoabdomialplasty be right for me? What about fat grafting to the hips? (photo)

I want the hour glass shape. I am 4'9 in height and I weigh 185.. 27yrs old..had 2 C-sections and no matter how much I exercise my stomach doesn't go... READ MORE

One month post OP TT now want fat transfer to butt. Can this be done how long do I have to wait?

Where can the fat come from if I had a tummy tuck. I thought I would be happy with just TT but now I want my butt a little bigger. READ MORE

How am I supposed to sleep or sit after Tummy tuck and fat grafts to butt and hip at the same time?

I am going to get the tummy tuck and my doctor suggest to liposuction my back flanks and injected to butt and side for the better result.for recovery... READ MORE

Should I get more lipo and fat grafting or a tummy tuck? (Photo)

I had lower ab liposuction and was told u had to much removed which has cause dents and the upper part of my stomach sticks out. I was told my option... READ MORE

Can I get hips without a full BBL? (Photo)

I'm getting a tummy tuck and lipo. Is it possible to have fat transfer to hips to create curve without getting a full bbl? I'm 193 in this picture,but... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a tummy tuck and also take the fat from waist, tummy and sides to my butt? (Photo)

Is it possible to get a tummy tuck and also take the fat from waist, tummy and sides to my butt ? At this point in my life I don't want any more kids.... READ MORE

Is a fat transplant to fill an "empty" spot after a TT worth it?

Hi Docs! I had a hybrid TT done 4 months ago, and have been very happy with my results, with one exception. I have an area above my belly button that... READ MORE

I have nausea 2 weeks after extended tummy tuck etc. Could this be an infection, or an allergic reaction to meds?

I had an extended tummy tuck and Lipo of hips and outer thighs and a fat graft in buttocks on 7/27/15. My recovery was going fine until Friday I began... READ MORE

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