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Exercise After Tummy Tuck Surgery

How long after tummy tuck do I have to wait before I can start doing strenuous exercises (such as sit ups, crunches, weight lifting)? READ MORE

How to Convince Insurance Company to Cover Tummy Tuck?

I went to see about a tummy tuck and the doctor said I was a good candidate to have it done. As soon as she heard of my insurance, she said no they do... READ MORE

Best Exercises After Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

I had Tummy Tuck with Liposuction 6 weeks ago. What are the best exercises after these procedures? READ MORE

Swelling Has Increased After Stopping Compression and Resuming Exercise. What to Do?

6 weeks PO from Full Tummy Tuck with waist lipo. Was advised to stop wearing compression at 6 wks PO and allowed to start running for exercise. Within... READ MORE

Can I Get 6-Pack Abs After Tummy Tuck?

Can Someone Have a Tummy Tuck and Still Manage to Get a 6 Pack After It? READ MORE

Running a Marathon After Tummy Tuck?

I will begin training for my third marathon on the first week of February. However, I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck on January 12. Is that range... READ MORE

Exercise for Diastasis Recti?

I also have a small issue w/ith diastasis recti, but I don't want a Tummy Tuck. Can I tighten those muscles wth exercise? Thanks! READ MORE

Will a Tummy Tuck Reveal Six Pack Abs?

I've been told that I have great abdominal muscles under the flab. Is it possible that if there's a 6 pack under there? I plan on having a tt. I... READ MORE

WIll Exercise Further Damage Ab Muscles if They Are Seperated?

I previously had extremely tight ab muscles so I think damage to my ab muscles has occured after my second child's birth (c-section, 9 lbs./11oz... READ MORE

How Long After a TT Can You Swim Without Risk of Infection?

I have a TT, with lipo, and hernia repair scheduled for the first week of June. Will I be able to swim in the ocean on a vacation 8 weeks later, or... READ MORE

Can Working out Too Soon After Tummy Tuck Ruin Results?

I started exercising at 10 weeks after Tummy Tuck, and I am extremely swollen. Should I stop exercising or will that not help at this point? READ MORE

How Long to Wait to Do Abdominal Exercises After Surgery?

I had diastasis recti after my 2nd son. After my 3rd son the surgeon sewed the stomach muscle back together during the c-section. It will be a year... READ MORE

When Can I Attempt to Suck my Abs in After a Tummy Tuck or Do Situps?

I was just curious because I'm kind of in the habit of always sucking my abs in, I just want to make sure it doesn't bother anything(9 days... READ MORE

Exercise to Improve Tummy Tuck Results?

I had a tummy tuck last year in August but my stomach is not as flat as I wanted it. My question is: if I go to the gym and work out, can I get a... READ MORE

Working out Post-Tummy Tuck

I had a Tummy Tuck 6 weeks ago. I tried going back to my usual workout (biking, jogging, toning, weights), but I felt pain in the upper right muscle... READ MORE

Is There a Cut-off Age for Tummy Tuck?

I am 61 years old and considering a full abdominoplasty fairly soon. Is there an age cut off for this type of surgery? I am in excellent health and... READ MORE

Does Exercise Help with Swelling?

I have had a tummy tuck with lipo of my back. I know it will be a few month before my swelling goes does down, but I would like to know if when i... READ MORE

Strengthen Abdominal Muscles Before Tummy Tuck?

Is it better to strengthen your stomach muscles prior to having a tummy tuck, or should you wait until after the surgery? READ MORE

Can I Exercise 6 Weeks After Tummy Tuck?

I Will Be 6 Weeks Post Op (FTT, Lipo of the Flanks, BA, BL) Next Week What Excercise Are Recommended? I use to go to the gym 5-6 times a week &... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Do Ab Exercises, Etc. After Tummy Tuck Heals?

I have diastasis recti and lots of wrinkly loose skin from having 3 large babies. Before the kids I did extremely taxing ab routines of 40-60 minutes... READ MORE

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