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Best Place and Doctor Outside US for Tummy Tuck and Butt Lift?

I am looking to get a Tummy Tuck and butt lift. Since they are very expensive in USA and Canada, does anyone know the best place and best doctor to... READ MORE

Dr's please help me with a question...just had a tummy tuk in DR - should I be worried? (Photo)

I'm in DR right now have to stay a week longer do to complications with my skin,when i went for my first check up and the pulled tape of my incision... READ MORE

Is it possible for a plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic to be a board certified member with ASPS?

This is basically a continuation of my previous question. ( and i will try and be precise as possible) I was looking through the ASPS website for... READ MORE

Why do Tummy Tucks/lipo performed in Dominican Republic appear more sculpted than the same surgery performed in the US?

Are DR doctors able to take out more fat than doctors in the US? Are US doctors limited in the cc amount while DR doctors aren't? READ MORE

I'm considering cosmetic surgery (tt and bbl) in the Dominican Republic. Is it safe?

Hello, I'm considering have cosmetic surgery (tt and bbl) in the Dominican Republic. I've heard stories of girls waking up during their procedure. Is... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; a Tummy Tuck or a Liposuction? (photos)

Tummy Tuck or liposuction ? I exercise twice a week now for 1.5 hours since January 2014 & have 2 beautiful children; however I want ME back!... READ MORE

Will I have a problem finding a plastic surgeon or general surgeon in TN to see me if I have tummy tuck in Dominican Rep?

Booked my flight/appt with a PS in D. Republic. Getting TT/ lipo of arms, flanks, abs, and thighs. What If I have any complications once getting back.... READ MORE

Dominican Republic surgery w/ USA follow-up

Is it common to have work done in the Dominican Republic but have PS in the States do yyour Follow-up? READ MORE

How can I get my doctor in the states to give me medication for my tummy tuck procedure in Dominican Republic?

The doctor I'm goinghereinican Republic told me to ask my doctor in the states when I go to my pre-op to see if he can prescribe any pain narcotics... READ MORE

What is proper follow up care for my belly button? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with lipo march 13th in Dominican Republic and I'm having some issues with my belly button healing and I have not had any care... READ MORE

Seroma from TT...Need Help?

I had TT sx in the Dominican Republic on August 2. Drain was removed after 5 days. Now I have a seroma on my belly above my incision. No pain. No... READ MORE

How safe is it to travel to another state to perform Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair?

What doctors and credentials do we consider, before making a decision, just recently 2 peaple lost their lives in Dominican Republic READ MORE

Where can I go to get my tummytuck drained?

I had a tummytuck and lipo on April 4 and the drainage come out on April 13. I did my surgery in the Dominican Republic. I have to get drained because... READ MORE

Is there a Doctor (PS) in the US that can get the same shape as the ones in the Dominican Republic?

My question is really why cant American Dr.'s get toyr tummy tuck this neat and lipo this shape? most us TT look to be honest Square. I would pay what... READ MORE

My mother just had surgery in the Dominican Republic for tummy tuck and lipo but now has complications?

My mother went overseas to the Dominican Republic to have a tummy tuck and liposuction but now she has issues with edema and seroma. Her stomach is... READ MORE

I had a Tummy Tuck in DR, its great except, I have fluid retention in one area. I need it drained.

Fluid retention after tummy tuck. I only need to know who and how to drain it. EVERY DR I call is like "HANDS OFF" even just for a consultation! Can a... READ MORE

I have von Wilebrands Disease. Can my hematologist refuse to prescribe DDAVP to me if I ask?

I am having elective surgery in the Dominican Republic. When I had first discussed the cosmetic surgery with my Hematologist he said he would... READ MORE

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