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Insurance Coverage Possible for Fibroid Removal, Hernia Repair, Tummy Tuck?

I am having fibroid removal surgery. When I was examined, it was also discovered that I have a small hernia and lots of scar tissue from previous... READ MORE

I've Had a C-Section And Cyst Removal From Ovary. Is a Tummy Tuck Necessary To Repair Muscle Walls?

I have had two surgeries. One of which was a c-section, and the other was a "Oophorectomy" I had a huge dermoid cyst on my ovary the surgeon... READ MORE

Candidate for Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck After Abdominal Cyst Removal?

I have had 8 abdominal surgeries for cysts. I have adhesions. Also dx: undifferentiated connective tissue disease READ MORE

Swelling and Pain After Tummy Tuck 9 Months Ago

Had tummy tuck 9 months ago still swelling and pain on the right side below my belly, have a cyst. READ MORE

How Soon Can I Use Paper Tape on an Abdominal Incision?

Hi, I'm going to be having laparoscopic surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. One of the incisions is going to be on my stomach parallel to my navel. I'm... READ MORE

Separation of Stomach Muscle Do I Meet Surgery Criteria and Can It Be Done at Same Time As Another Surgery?

I have a seperation of my stomach muscles following my 3rd child born 4 months ago I can fit 3 fingers width by my belly button and 2 fingers width... READ MORE

I Am Having a 20cm Cyst Removed from my Mesenteric Apron Bowel Area. Is a Tummy Tuck Possible at Same Time?

Since I will already have that scar, wondering if its possible to kill two birds with one stone. READ MORE

Tummy Tuck scheduled for Sept 4th. Just found out I have a 5-6CM Ovarian Cyst.Is it going to cause any problems with my surgery?

Gyne doesn't seem worried about it. Says it should resolve itself and to come back in 6-8 weeks for another Ultrasound. I told her I was having a TT... READ MORE

Is this normal to go above prior scar? Why didn't he just go through the original scar?

At 14y I had surgery to remove some ovarian cysts. At 30y I was having my 5th baby which turned into a c-section/tubal by the same Doctor. What my... READ MORE

Fell from top of 6'ladder 3 months after full Tummy tuck. Hernias, cysts, torn sutures?

Hello I had a tummy tuck and 3.5 months later took a hard fall from the top of a 6' ladder. It seems as though I have 2 hernias and MRIs are showing... READ MORE

Help! Cyst like lumps, 6 weeks post tummy tuck, what are they?

I have about 8 hard cyst like lumps around my tummy tuck scar line & a bit above it . What on earth could they be? Is this something urgently that... READ MORE

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