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Is an Extended Tummy Tuck and Lipo on the Flanks with a Fat Transfer to the Buttock the Right Choice? (photo)

I'm a 20/yr old girl that has had trouble with being over weight her whole life. At one point in time i was 250 pounds(eight grade i should add) and i... READ MORE

6 Months After my Tummy Tuck, I No Longer Have a Waist and my Belly Button Lies Flat Against my Skin?

I had a circumferential tummy tuck 6 months ago. Although I am pleased with the results overall, I no longer have a waist line and my belly button is... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Raised Keloid Circumferential Tummy Tuck Scar from 5 Years Ago? (photo)

Following a large weight loss I had a tummy tuck performed 5 years ago. A year later, I had the tummy tuck extended circumferentially and the front... READ MORE

I Had a Circumferential TT, my Backside is Flat, Will my Round Back Come Back or Not? (photo)

Hi I am 10 days PO and I noticed I do not have my big round back side I used to have. It's gone within days, it just vanished, Will it ever be the... READ MORE

What Are the Risk of Having a Circumferential TT and Total Hysterectomy? Do You Recommend?

I am scheduled for a Total Hysterectomy and would like to have a circumferentia TT at the same time. I'm a little worried about the length of time I... READ MORE

How Long Does a Circumferential Abdominoplasty Take?

How long does a circumferential abdominoplasty take? Each dr gives me a different time. Please inform me on aN approximate timings READ MORE

Can you help me decide between a Tummy Tuck and Circumference Tummy Tuck?

Trying to decide between TT and circumference TT. 5'6", 134lbs, 44, MWF. Same weight 4+ years, exercise 4-6 days a week, diet mostly veg. Gained 65... READ MORE

Approximately how much does a circumferential tummy tuck cost (including OR fees and anasthesia)? (Photos)

After posting a question regarding a tummy tuck, along with a photo, I have been advised thatit would probably take a circumferential tummy tuck for... READ MORE

I had circumferential abdominoplasty/liposuction 15 months ago and still have problems with swelling. Is this permanent?

I'm still wearing a surgical binder because every time I take it off, my back and abdomen swell. The swelling moves more and more up my abdomen and... READ MORE

I Think my Internal Sutures Are Slowly Coming Out?

I had a 360 tummy tuck done about 7 weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a stitch was poking out of my side... it was pulling on my clothe, so I... READ MORE

Do I need a circular tummy tuck or hip to hip incision tt? (photo)

I am 5 7" weigh 205 I am seeking to get a tt and bbl I also would like to know what is rwcommended for my body and if I am able to acheive a fool... READ MORE

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