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Can I Have Tummy Tuck Now or Wait Until I Lower my BMI? (photo)

I've had three pregnancies, all c-sections. I've also lost 70 pounds through diet & exercise. However, I still have a BMI of 36 at... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a Tummy Tuck with a Higher BMI?

I'm booked to have a TT and BA with BL next week, or rather I'm travelling with a I am to meet my highly qualified board... READ MORE

Laxity in Abdomen After Weight Loss. Am I A Candidate For An Abdominoplasty? (photo)

I am a 175 pound, 5'10", 28-year-old male. Approximately four years ago, I lost approximately 100 pounds via diet and exercise. This has left... READ MORE

Is It Required to Be So Close to my Ideal Weight to Have a Tummy Tuck?

Hi, I'm 27, 5'7",weight 190lbs. I know that weight is over weight going by BMI chart. My question is it required to be close to the ideal... READ MORE

Is BMI a Factor for Full-tummy Tucks, Like It is for Mini-tummy Tucks?

Is a mini-tummy tuck procedure only advised for patients with low BMIs? How about full- tummy tucks? Does a full-tummy tuck give options to more... READ MORE

Can You Get a Tummy Tuck with a BMI of 80.08?

I would like to know can you get a tummy tuck with BMI at 80.08 READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a Tummy Tuck if You Are Not in a Normal BMI? or Are Dieting?

I have lost over 100 lbs due to diet and exercise. I got down to 175, gained to 187 and began Medifast. I will be at 145 lbs when I am scheduled to... READ MORE

I want a Tummy Tuck & my BMI is over 40. Should I have reservations that one doctor will do the surgery and another will not?

I lost 100 lbs from gastric bypass in 2012. I had a consultation with a plastic surgeron and he is going to do my pannalectamy and abdominalplasty. My... READ MORE

Do I Cancel Due to BMI?

I am 36 yrs old and have 3 kids (9,7,16mths) all born by csection. In 3 weeks I am due to have a full TT with muscle repair. The problem I have is... READ MORE

Lipo vs Tummy tuck (I'm considering Tickle Lipo) Recommendations Welcomed? (photo)

My hanging belly has me really depressed. My bmi is 35. I thought this was too high for a tummy tuck but they told me 35 or less. I guess what im... READ MORE

What should your BMI be before Tummy Tuck surgery?

What should your bmi be before surgery I had a doctor tell me I am not healthy enough for a tummy tuck. I am out of shape working on it but ive seen... READ MORE

What is the ideal BMI prior to meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss plastic surgery, specifically a Tummy Tuck?

I'm 5'8 and 179 lbs 7 months postpartum (second child). Prior to having children I was a very athletic person who weighed 150 lbs. I'm not having... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a tummy tuck? Four c-sectoins and BMI of 35. (photo)

I've had 4 c sections and 35bmi My large hanging abdomen has me really depressed. Am I a candidate or Whats suitable? READ MORE

Can a tummy tuck be done if my BMI is 32?

Im 25 mother of two I am 5"2 and am 187 pounds im looking into getting a tt soon if possible. READ MORE

Is my BMI to high for a Tummy Tuck also I think most of my fat is under the skin. (photo)

My BMI IS 28.5 and I'm pretty sure most of the fat on my stomach Is under the skin would I be most likely Be a good candidate to get one, i go for my... READ MORE

My BMI is over 30. I want to get a tummy tuck and BBL. Can the surgery still be performed, or will I be turned away? (Photo)

I'm 5'5 and I weight about 205. It's going to be extremely difficult for me to get my BMI under 30 hence the reason for the surgery, I have had... READ MORE

I want to get a tummy tuck with muscle repair. Am I a good candidate for this? (Photo)

I am 52 years old in good health 5'4 142 lbs BMI is low category 23 Have a back injury 30 years ago I plan on dropping 10 more lbs. and hoping this to... READ MORE

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