Blood Thinner + Tummy Tuck

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Blood Thinners or Iron Before a Tummy Tuck?

My doctor puts all of his tummy tuckers on iron for 3 weeks before surgery but I am reading many doctors put their people on blood thinners , two... READ MORE

Will I Need an Overnight Stay?

I am having a full abdominalplasty, with lipo in the stomach, flanks and back. Along with breast lift and augmentation. Will I need to stay over... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Lovenox. Want to Request Blood Thinners. Pre-Op and Post-Op Timing For Blood Thinners?

I have fear of blood clots/PE so I've decided that at my consultation to request blood thinners to help prevent against them. I was wondering what day... READ MORE

What Are The Chances of DVT and PE After Tummy Tuck?

I was reading a lot of comments about this topic and most surgeons say it happens but it's rare, then I read it's 1/300 w Tummy tucks will develope... READ MORE

SCD and Blood Thinners?

Is it common practice to use a SCD during a tummytuck and give a patient blood thinners post surger? READ MORE

Blood Thinners and Compression Pumps?

I am in mid30 with csecs.I consulted with 2 drs for full TT. One said blood thinners b4 and 7days after TT alongwith comp pumps for legs during &... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Take Blood Thinners & to Be Taking Prenatal Vitamins 2-4 Weeks Before TT Surgery?

Is It Necessary to Take Blood Thinners & to Be Taking Prenatal Vitamins 2-4 Weeks Before Surgery? My body type is a pair shape according to the... READ MORE

Does Using Blood Thinners Like Lovenox Eliminate the Risk of Blood Clots After a Tummy Tuck?

I am looking into getting a tummy tuck and keep reading that the largest risk is blood clots/PE. I saw that several doctors give their patients blood... READ MORE

Pre-op tummy tuck and am worried about a blood clot. Should I request a blood thinner after surgery? (photo)

I am getting a tummy tuck and my left ovary removed on Monday Dec. 16th and I am extremely worried about developing a blood clot. I am a healthy 32... READ MORE

Are blood clots still possible, even with blood thinners?

Hello I'm having surgery (tummy tuck, lipo, and fat transfer to buttocks) my question is: can I still get blood clots even if my ps gives me blood... READ MORE

Are Blood Thinners Necessary when Having a Tummy Tuck Performed?

I am a 29 y/o mom of 2. I am 5'4", 125lbs & fit. After 2 pregnancies, I am left with abdominal separation, stretch marks & excess skin... READ MORE

Inability to break down a clot - should tummy tuck be done in a hospital setting?

I will be having two upcoming consults for tummy tuck and breast augmentation. One surgeon would operate in the hospital and require an overnight stay... READ MORE

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