Birth Control + Tummy Tuck

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Birth Control Pills and a Tummy Tuck?

Is it ok to continue taking birth control pills and have a tummy tuck? Is treatment handled any differently if you continue taking them? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take the "Morning After Pill" Two Days Before Surgery?

My husband and I experienced an "accident" and I decided to take the morning after pill to be on the safe side. The medicine was not on the "do not... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Start Taking the Birth Control Pill After TT?

I am having my TT in the second week of July. I stopped the pill on May 24th. I use the pill to regulate my monthly cycle. Can I start taking the pill... READ MORE

Possible to Have Tummy Tuck if I Get off Coumadin for 2 Weeks?

I'm 28. I've had two PE's (Pulmonary Embolism). First while on birth control then again during my 2nd pregnancy. I have a Filter and am said to be on... READ MORE

Should I Discontinue Birth Control Before TT?

Should I stop taking my birth control that I use as a hrt before getting my tummy tuck? I'm 51 yr's old READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Safe With Implanon Birth Control?

I Have the Implanon Birth Control in my Arm, is It Still Safe to Proceed with a Tummy Tuck? I do not smoke and have no medical problems. READ MORE

Is It Better to Stay on the NuvaRing (Vaginal Birth Control Ring) During TT & BBL Surgery or Discontinue It for the Month?

Hello, I was wondering if it would be better to stay on my current birth control method of the Nuva Ring (Vaginal Ring w estrogen progestin) or to... READ MORE

Is a 400 Platelet CBC Count to High for Elective Surgery?

I just received my cbc lab results and noticed that my platelets are 400... although this lab has a high cut off at 415, I had a cbc drawn 6 months... READ MORE

I am scheduled to get my period the day of my surgery. Can I restart birth control pills to stop my period?

Ok I am believe it or not scheduled to get my monthly period on March 26th which is the day of surgery. I was on the birth control pill for a while... READ MORE

Has anyone remained on their oral contraceptive right before their tummy tuck/liposuction?

My PS normally recommends his patients to d/c their oral contraceptive 4 weeks prior to surgery but didn't instruct me to stop mine. He stated that he... READ MORE

Does Plan B emergency contraception effect surgery?

I am having surgery tomorrow for an endogastric hernia. Me and my boyfriend had an accident today and took plan b. Will it effect anything?? Please help!! READ MORE

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