Anxiety + Tummy Tuck

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Tummy Tuck - Not scared of Pain but of Complications

25 years old. Ok, so this is how neurotic and full of anxiety I am. I have no medical issues.(well besides anxiety!) I am young. I am in shape as I... READ MORE

Pre-Tummy Tuck Concerns

1. From a 1 to 10 scale (1 being the lowest), how painful would it be post-procedure? 2. Does it help to take multi-vitamins and do aerobics everyday... READ MORE

What do patients say it feels like going under general anesthesia? Is it like no time has passed? I'm nervous!

Some people say it goes by in a flash but I didn't know what it would be like for a 3hour tummy tuck. READ MORE

What to Expect from Tummy Tuck?

I'm 26, and live in Las Vegas. I'm getting a Tummy Tuck Dec. 11th 2009 and I have to say I thought about canceling for no other reason other than I'm... READ MORE

Worried about Belly Button Stretched Down

Is my Dr. Making the Right Choice for Me? Mini Tummy Tuck Scheduled March 3rd! I am 32 years old and have had 3 children. I am 5'4 and weigh... READ MORE

Heart Palpitations Post Tummy Tuck

Since having my tummy tuck on March 01, I was doing fine then about a week ago I started feeling as if I was having anxiety attacks along with heart... READ MORE

Anxiety - Will This Effect my Operation? (photo)

I an generally a very nervous person and sometimes have anxiety attacks. Have not had an attack since July 2012. Don't smoke and have been off the... READ MORE

My tummy tuck is tomorrow, is it normal to have so much anxiety and fear?

I have had a breast reduction and I did great with the anethesia but for some reason I'm scared, now like my anxiety level is high!!! I am 26 no... READ MORE

7 days post op Tummy Tuck, I think I am psychologically dependent on my binding garment. Is this normal?

I am 7 days out from my tummy tuck. I still wear the binding garment around the clock except when showering, as my doctor recommends. Whenever I... READ MORE

Severe anxiety and depression 2 weeks after tummy tuck. Any suggestions?

I had a BL with implant on decemebr 2nd , and 2 weeks later had my full tummy tuck . I woke up in shock from the pain , day 3 I had a major anxiety... READ MORE


I Did my 1st surgery in 2012 march tummy tuck/chest reduction and this April I did my revision on my scars/lipo. I been having the problem since first... READ MORE

JP drains in my groin after a TT, tubes pull my skin. Is it normal to feel so anxious?

Inverted T Tummy Tuck, breast lift with augmentation 13 days ago due to losing 110 lbs. About 40 cc drainage per day per bulb. No signs of infection... READ MORE

Bad nerves under TT scar?

I've suddenly developed a painful lump underneath old scar tissue it seemed to appear when experiencing bad anxiety, it's very sensitive like a bunch... READ MORE

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