3 Weeks Post-op + Tumescent Liposuction

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How Can I Differentiate Swelling from Fat After Lipo?

Hello :) I had tumescent (pal) lipo 3 weeks ago. I do have a blog with multiple pics. I'm wondering if there is a way to tell what's fat and what's... READ MORE

My Results from Tumescent Liposuction After 3 Weeks Do Not Look a Difference from Before?

I just had tumescent liposuction 3 weeks ago and a week prior, I notice better results in my abdomen, but I was still really swollen so I figured it... READ MORE

Which is Better Vaser Liposuction or Pure Tumescent Liposuction? (photo)

Asked for vaser liposuction but the Dr suggested Pure tumescent, i noticed that the PT lipo from pictures didnt look as good as the vaser. The Dr said... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Tumescent Liposuction, Will There Still Be More Improvement? (photo)

Could you please let me know if after 3 weeks of liposuction on chest, abdominal and flanks if the lower abdominal area will have more of an... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Liposuction on Hips, Experiencing Weird Weight Fluctuation. Is This Normal?

I had tumescent lipo 3 wks ago. I'm still a little swollen with areas of numbness on my hips. At 2-weeks post op started walking briskly on the... READ MORE

I Had Tumescent Lipo 3 Weeks Ago. My Inner Thighs Are Extremely Hard. How Normal?

I had tumescent lipo 3 weeks ago. I had inner, outer, banana roll, abdomen, and waste. It was completed in two surgeries three weeks apart. All in all... READ MORE

Seroma after arm liposuction with multiple needle aspiration. What do you think about the sclerosing injection to solve seroma?

I hadarm tumescent liposuction 3 weeks ago,was diagnosed with seroma post op. Underwent needle aspiration until fluid decreases. I had total of 6... READ MORE

Swollen from my stomach?

Got lipo 3 weeks ago & 2 days ago,the day of the surgery I was flat on my lower stomach for like 3 days. Now I have a pouch in my lower stomach.... READ MORE

Hard and soft lumps after 3 weeks, is this normal? How can I tell it's not a seroma? (Photo)

It has been 3 weeks and 1 day since my tumescent liposuction. The procedure was really painful and for the first 2 weeks I was bruised in the back, I... READ MORE

After Tumescent Liposuction, I still do not see a difference, what results should I expect?

Hello doctors.. I did liposuction about three weeks, preop i weighed 240, the doctor said he took 2000cc from my abdomen, and 800cc from each side of... READ MORE

Is this knot below my breast bone an injury that I should be concerned about? What is it? (Photo)

2.5 wks ago I had tumescent liposuction of my abdomen. I had a lot of bruising and inflammation Just below my breast bone. It is so tender, I have to... READ MORE

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