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Why is my Gum on the Left Side Bigger Than the Right Making my Two Front Teeth Look Uneven? (photo)

I'm 20 years of age and even though my two from teeth are the same length when I full on smile you can see on one side the tooth is higher up than the... READ MORE

One Front Tooth is Longer Than the Other?

If a front tooth is 1/8" longer than the other, and they are both already longer than the eye teeth, what is the best procedure to shorten? I have an... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Long Front Teeth at Home? (photo)

My two front teeth are longer than my other teeth and I was wondering how to make them the Same size as my other teeth because every body makes fun of... READ MORE

Teeth Grinding On One Side? (photo)

I've always "grinded" my teeth ( I was told I did so as a child). I'm 29, have been buying guards (I chew through them, take them off sleep) since age... READ MORE

Top Second Molar Pulled out, Will My Face Look Uneven?

I have my top second molar pulled out yesterday, (i had all my wisdom ones pulled out to years ago after brackets). I am scared my face will look... READ MORE

Clenching and Grinding Teeth?

Hi there everyone! my jaw hurts.. it has been a year since i started grinding and clenching my teeth, i have no idea why i started grinding and... READ MORE

Dentist Shaved Front Top Tooth and Now It's Shorter Than the Other -- Please Help? (photo)

I had an incredibly small chip on one of my front top teeth. I asked my dentist to shave it if she could. She did and now it's shorter than the other... READ MORE

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