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Cost of Filing Teeth?

Would you be able to give me an estimate (ballpark figure) as to how much it would cost to have my two front teeth filed down by about 1mm? I have had... READ MORE

Crown or Veneer for Root Canal Tooth?

I have a root canal on my left bottom, front tooth. I have seen a couple of dentists, and they all have recommended different treatments such as a... READ MORE

Front Tooth Erosion

My top 2 front teeth are eroding a little bit from grinding them in my sleep. I am wondering what I should do with them. I need to get them fixed... READ MORE

Maintaining a Great Smile: Dental Hygiene Tips

I did not have parents that carefully helped me understand good habits to maintain teeth and dental hygiene. can a dentist offer me standards or tips... READ MORE

What is the Best Form of Treatment for my Orthodontic Problem?

When my upper right adult canine tooth came in it had to overlap my baby tooth as that tooth did not fall out. Eventually I got the baby tooth removed... READ MORE

Should I pull the tooth?

I had a root canal last November and ever since have had either a headache or some sort of pain in the spot of the tooth - I had ex-rays and cat scans... READ MORE

The file is broken in my tooth crown, is it better to have it extracted or have it filled?

File is boken in my front lower crown teeth after rct doctors tried a lot and know suggesting me for the extraction , should i extract or get it filled. READ MORE

I hate my teeth how can I fix this? (photo)

I just hate my teeth. I have dealt with bad grinding during my sleep and I think I've done a lot of damage I do wear a night gaurd now but I still... READ MORE

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