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Cost of Filing Teeth?

Would you be able to give me an estimate (ballpark figure) as to how much it would cost to have my two front teeth filed down by about 1mm? I have had... READ MORE

I chipped my front right tooth. How much does it cost to get this tiny chip repaired permanently? (photo)

My dentist repaired it using tooth colored resin but same day a piece came off...the last time he repaired it, it lasted for a few years. How much... READ MORE

How Much Does Teeth Filing Cost?

How much does it cost to get your teeth filed? READ MORE

Options to Fill Gap Around Sharp Canine Tooth? (photo)

What are the most cost-effective options to cosmetically improve my canine tooth--it's turned out slightly and has a gap on either side of it. What... READ MORE

Who pays for the specialist to remove the broken file in my root canal?

A file broke off in my tooth during a root canal, I was referred to a specialist (Endodontist) to have it removed which she did. Who is responsible... READ MORE

Can I Trust Getting my Teeth Done in Bulgaria to Cut Costs?

I live in the uk and need extensive work done. I had 3 crowns and 1 implant over 10 years ago Ive never felt happy with but never been able to afford... READ MORE

My tooth fell out but the root are still in. What do I do?

I don't have insurance till January so how important is this? What is the average cost to have the roots removed if that is what needs done. READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a Prosthodontist and a Cosmetic Dentist?

I need cosmetic work redone and am wondering which is better educated for cosmetic work. Who is up to date with the latest in the industry? Does one... READ MORE

I Just Had a Back Molar Refilled After a Very Large Filling Came Out?

The dentist took an xray, injected 4 needles to numb the pain, and filled the tooth. He was very skillful and a nice man, but I was shocked at the... READ MORE

Does N.C. Pregnancy Medicaid cover A dental partial plate?

It's one tooth on the partial.. A new one is $500. I went to a dentist office and said it could be repaired for $200. It's not broke but it's very... READ MORE

Is it possible to get my teeth filed down? (photos)

My two front teeth are HUGE and it's annoying. I would like to get them filed down, how much does it normally cost? I have sensitive teeth as well... READ MORE

What should I do if I cracked my tooth in half?

A remote was thrown at me and it hit my front tooth, cracking it vertically in half. Whats the least expensive procedure available? READ MORE

Sedation Dentistry Cost

How much does it cost to get sedation dentistry? I want to get the "smile makeover" but I'm a pretty anxious person and I don't know if I can handle... READ MORE

Do Dentist Ever Negotiate Their Fees? Or Do They Always Stick to Fixed Rates They Set?

Is it possible to negotiate rates on dental work with a dentist or does the industry not do that? READ MORE

What would be a cost effective route to fix these two teeth? Unexpected expense (Photo)

She fell at the park and was an impact break by hitting then on a metal bar. READ MORE

I hate my teeth how can I fix this? (photo)

I just hate my teeth. I have dealt with bad grinding during my sleep and I think I've done a lot of damage I do wear a night gaurd now but I still... READ MORE

How much will it cost to fix a chipped tooth? Will I need a new tooth? (Photo)

How much will it cost to fix a chipped tooth? Will I need a new tooth ? READ MORE

I chipped both my front lateral teeth. How much would it cost to repair with a good material? (Photo)

It's been over a year since the incident I've had 3 repairs With a cheaper material where one of them is still in perfect condition only needing one... READ MORE

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