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Kind of Scars to Expect from Medial Thigh Lift?

I've decided to have a medial thigh lift. I'd rather have a couple of scars than loose skin. At least I can wear shorts! I'm really curious as to what... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Scars: Vertical vs. Horizontal

I had a liopscution in May and planning to do thigh lift as i have saggin in the inner thigh and little sagging from outer thigh. i heard is vertical... READ MORE

Medial Thigh Lift Scar Placement?

From the pictures, do I look like a good candidtate for a medial thigh lift with the scar being placed in the groin area? I would really prefer not to... READ MORE

Options to Remove Redness and Bumps from Thigh Lift and Liposuction?

Here are the pics. Is there anything that can be done to help reduce redness in Thigh Lift scars? The skin seems to be stretched and pulled and it is... READ MORE

Very Unhappy With Thigh Lift Scars - Should I Get a Revision? (photo)

I lost 85lbs and had a thigh lift last August. I was told scars would be inside my thigh (up to my groin area). Immediately after surgery it was clear... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Revision to Reverse Scarring?

I had an inner Thigh lift for sagging skin. I had a severe reaction to the surgical stitches that were used and now causing a lot of difficulty. I now... READ MORE

What Kind of Scar to Expect After Thigh Lift?

I am going to get a Thigh lift on 07-23-09 and the surgeon was explaining to me how he had to do the crease at the top and then a crease from the... READ MORE

Cream for Expanding Skin After Thigh Lift?

I had a leg/thigh lift and the result was not so good. The doctor did it 3 times to take up the scar, and at the end, he took so much skin. I don't... READ MORE

Scar Looks Big a Week After Inner Thigh Lift with Mini Butt Tuck

I had inner thigh lift with a mini butt tuck only a week ago but the scar is so big it looks like a duck tail and I had lipo on the outer part of my... READ MORE

Scar is Lumpy 5 Weeks After Thigh Lift

Healing pretty well just lumpy in sections should i massage to improve the results, also there are some thickening at top of thigh feels uncomfortable... READ MORE

Unsure of what procedure to have done "next", to get me to my ultimate goal. Should I get a Thigh Lift? (photos)

Scheduled for breast lift w/implant 04/14.Concerned with way my scars heal, huge ugly scars like one on my tummy.Can I get a large implant to balance... READ MORE

What approach would you take to correct 3-mos post op thigh lift scar migration and prevent from happening again? (Photo)

The details: I had dissolvable sutures. My surgeon does not believe in securing the thigh to the bone. I am a massive weight loss patient. My... READ MORE

7 weeks post op Thighplasty, will the color come back where the lighter scars are? (photos)

I'm 7 weeks post op and curious if this is normal healing after thighplasty surgery. Will the color come back where the lighter scars are? Was using... READ MORE

What are the Pros and Cons of inner thigh lift, combined with inner/outer thigh liposuction? Are the scars worth it? (Photo)

Hello Doctors.I plan on having inner/outer thigh lipo as well as inner knees.I have been to a couple of consults, both have advised on various parts... READ MORE

I Had a Thigh Lift 6 Months Ago. What Gel or Treatment Works the Best to Get Rid of the Scar Fast?

I've tried Kelo-Cote, and Skin Medica's scar recovery gel. What is the best product out there to treat my scars? Right now they are purple / pinkish... READ MORE

Where is the best placement of the scar on a vertical thigh lift?

Where is the best placement of the scar? I'm concerned that the seam in jeans/pants rubbing or sitting on the scar and causing irritation. Also, is... READ MORE

Is this normal after a thigh and buttock lift? (Photo)

I had a thigh and buttock lift 3 weeks ago. I was wondering if the scars that look like big ridges on my groin area are normal at this stage or is it... READ MORE

6 weeks post op Thigh Lift, I have no improvement on thighs but visible scar. Can I do anything to correct this? (photos)

I had a thigh lift 6 weeks ago, The circumference of my thighs is exactly the same as pre-op (still 21inches) If my legs are still swollen from the... READ MORE

Should my thigh be straight? (Photo)

I am 12 days post op from thigh lift, tummy tuck and breast lift, all healing well, except my thighs seen to be really tight in the middle of the scar... READ MORE

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