Sensitivity + Teeth Whitening

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What is the Best Professional Teeth Whitening?

For a long time my teeth have bothered me. Too yellowed and stained to even smile much.  Before i just pick up some random teeth whitener, can... READ MORE

Is Teeth Whitening Possible for People with Receding Gums?

I am really sensitive to cold liquids and hot drinks concern is this will get even worsened after teeth bleaching, no? READ MORE

I used Crest 3D white strips and now my teeth are very sensitive. Any idea how long it'll last?

I just used crest 3D whitestrips (Intense Professional Effects) for the first time, and my bottom teeth have been killing! It's a terrible pain and... READ MORE

Toothpaste to Reduce Sensitivity Before Teeth Whitening

I am extremely nervous now about the Zoom procedure. I never even considered pain involved until I read all these reviews. If there is a toothpaste... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Whiten my Teeth Even Though I Was Born Without Enamel?

I was born with some condition where my teeth have no enamel. This makes my teeth sensitive as it is and disgustingly yellow. I brush my teeth... READ MORE

What Toothpaste Should I Use for Sensitive Teeth and Get Rid of Brown Stains? (photo)

Every morning and night i brush my teeth and i use mouth wash, i am also a smoker which clearly will not help the cause of brown stains but i am... READ MORE

My Gums Are Sensitive, and I Can See White Spots on my Gums After Using 3D White Intensive Professional Effects?

This is my third day of using 3D White, and I have four more days. Should I take a small break before continuing? READ MORE

I want the beautiful Hollywood white smile. What's the best way to get this look without harm to my teeth? (photo)

I have tried the expensive whitening strips, but not the result I want, and makes my teeth really sensitive for a day or two afterwards. READ MORE

Sensitve Teeth Preparation for Teeth Whitening?

I have somewhat sensitive teeth and want to know what I can do before I use my Opalescence to prepare for a good experience. I heard about things you... READ MORE

Can I Use Whitening Gel for 1 Month? Or Only 2 Weeks? Desperate, Please Answer!

I've gone from 6% (for 2 weeks) to 44% (planning to use for 2 weeks) I'm feeling sensitivity now and then but nothing major and no burning as I have... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Whiten Sensitive Teeth?

What at home products can I use for whitening sensitive teeth? If reducing the strength helps with sensitivity, then will it take twice as long to get... READ MORE

All About KOR Whitening: Low Sensitivity & Other Basics?

The only claimed benefits kor has similar products is "low sensitivity rate" and that it's good for rare cases like "tetracycline stained teeth" how?... READ MORE

I have pain in teeth that I used whitening gel on. It is almost constant.

How long will the sensitivity remain? I have tried ibuprofen periodically but mostly the sensitivity remains. It has been two weeks since I did the... READ MORE

Best solution for discolored, permanently sensitive teeth?

I am 25 years old, but from a young age my teeth have not white. I have also had some damage to one of front teeth and have a permanent small stain on... READ MORE

I am searching for a home tooth whitener for extremely sensitive teeth?

I have anxiety issues and have grinded my teeth down so bad that even with Sensodyne toothpaste every day, they are still very sensitive. I even have... READ MORE

Would GC MI paste by Recaldent help with the sensitivity caused by receeding gums?

I have receeding gums and very sensitive teeth. I am taking the steps to try to help this. I use an electric toothbrush. My Dentist had told me that... READ MORE

Whitening Toothpaste and Sensitivity?

I used a whitening toothpaste on a Friday night, one of those newer versions. Felt immediate pain across a couple of teeth. Now it is Tuesday night... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening. Boost In-office Whitening Treatment Vs. DaVinci LED LaserTeeth Whitening?

Hi I am trying to choose one of those 2 options. I have sensitive teeth. And I chipped part of my front tooth a while back and have it filled(?). So... READ MORE

I just had my teeth whitened, and the sensitivity is really bad. How long is it going to last?

I got my teeth whitened in-office today. It kind of burned while I was getting the treatment, and four hours later, my teeth are really sensitive.... READ MORE

Looking for in office teeth whitening for sensitive teeth?

I had zoom teeth whitening several years ago and the pain was excruciating. I would like another in office whitening, but has there been one developed... READ MORE

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