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KoR Whitening Only 500$? Should I Be Weary of the Low Price? (photo)

I have genetically yellow teeth and I would like to whiten my teeth. I have tried take home trays which was ineffective. I am now considering KoR... READ MORE

What Exactly Makes KOR Whitening Better Than Other Similar Products?

Kor has mediocre, that is average, rating on mutiple review sites it's claimed to be the best by a few on http://www.realself... READ MORE

Will Kor Deep Bleaching Work for Someone Who Has Never Had White Teeth?

I have tried Nite White 22% in the past, but it never did much lightening if any. My teeth grew in yellow and I'm afraid the Kor will not work either.... READ MORE

Kor Whitening/Deep Bleaching: Max Vs. Max Ultra?

If I understand correctly, there are two types of in-office KoR whitening: the max and the max ultra. The difference between the two is that the max... READ MORE

Kors Permanent?

Whilst googling, I came across KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching. Their website says Permanent results – white teeth for your lifetime Could you please... READ MORE

Can I Use Kor Whitening to Whiten my Teeth Although They're Not Stained or Dark at All?

I will be done with my ortho in 3 months. I would like to whiten my teeth, but not sure which product to use. Kor Whitening looks good, but not sure... READ MORE

All About KOR Whitening: Low Sensitivity & Other Basics?

The only claimed benefits kor has similar products is "low sensitivity rate" and that it's good for rare cases like "tetracycline stained teeth" how?... READ MORE

Can you separate the Kor whitening and only do the in office part?

Is the in office bleaching different than the take home trays? I don't have time to wait two weeks with trays. Do the two have to be used together?... READ MORE

The KoR Whitening System timing details?

I've just started the KoR Whitening system. The video and instructions state that I should wait to start whitening each night until I'm ready to go to... READ MORE

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