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How can I clean the yellow brown spots from my teeth? (photo)

They have been since my childhood. Will cleaning help? I'm scared to try cleaning coz ppl say that it will cause gums to loose their grip. Pls help READ MORE

What Would Cause Only 1 Tooth to Stain Much Faster Than the Others? (photo)

I have 1 front tooth that is suddenly staining quickly yet the rest of my teeth appear fine. What would cause 1 tooth to stain so quickly while the... READ MORE

Front Tooth Yellow Again After Internal Bleaching Should I Get It Done Again or a Crown Etc? (photo)

I've had root canal and internal bleaching in the past but the tooth after a year has turned yellow again. Should I keep getting internal bleaching or... READ MORE

Can a Tooth/crown Be Excluded when Making a Mold?

I have crowns on my front teeth (crowns are 15 yrs old). One of the crowns has a small nick off the front face (invisible to anyone but myself and my... READ MORE

Which treatment for yellow stains and uneven teeth should I go for? (photos)

As you can see my front upper teeth are protruding out and lower jaw is smaller then the upper, i am 22 years old. what kind of treatment should i... READ MORE

My upper front tooth is getting yellow. What are the measures to stop it? (Photo)

I know that my tooth is broken (not like chipped ) from its root. I checked it by heating a spoon and placing it on the tooth and I felt nothing, but... READ MORE

I chipped the front surfaces, top layers, of my 2 front teeth and the chips are now discolored. What can I do at home to whiten?

I chipped the front surfaces, or top layers, (Is this my enamel?) of both my front teeth. Both chips are each about the size of a sewing pin head and... READ MORE

What is the best course of treatment for a dark front tooth that won't respond to bleaching? (photo)

My two bottom center front teeth were damaged in an accident. they both have had root canals but over the years one tooth has turned very dark and... READ MORE

Is there a product currently (2014) that can whiten teeth and my front 3 Crowns?

My 2 first incisors and one second incisor have had the same crowns for thirty years teeth are there any product that will do... READ MORE

Is it safe to use a whitening tray AFTER getting teeth bonded?

I had my front 2 teeth bonded about 3 weeks ago. I have a whitening tray with whitening gel that I use occasionally. It comes with a small LED light... READ MORE

Will dental bridges cover a grey tooth?

Hi, I recently had a root canal on my front tooth. It is still noticeably grey, by no means black though. I want to use that tooth as one of the... READ MORE

What is the best whitening system to lighten a dark front tooth (non-vital) on a teen? (photos)

Front tooth was injured two weeks ago and is already getting darker. What is the best way/system to whiten her teeth so the dark front doesn't stand... READ MORE

What will happen if the color of my original teeth changes from whitening and I already have whiter fillings?

I have 3 fillings in my front teeth and i need to whiten my teeth and im thinking of home whitening kit , i know that i have to replace them after i... READ MORE

What is the best way to help with tooth discoloration?

When my husband was young, he broke his two front teeth riding a bicycle. They were repaired, but over the years have become extremely discolored. He... READ MORE

How can I whiten my teeth at home? Does baking soda work to whiten teeth? (photos)

Right now I can't afford any expensive teeth whitening treatments, maybe when I am older. How can I safely whiten them at home for less than about... READ MORE

I like to start smile with nicer teeth. What can I do to whiten it? (photos)

I am seeing my 4 front teeth big and the color is not nice what can i do please if i make whiteing they will look better or no pls and the 4 front... READ MORE

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