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Could a TCA Chemical Peel Cause Larger Pores?

I had a TCA peel 25%, done by myself. I applied 2 coats and didn't noticed any frosting, however I rinsed it and used a neutralizer formula (baking... READ MORE

Testing TCA Peel to Ensure Pore Size Results?

I want to have a TCA peel treatment for my hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores. However, I have heard conflicting information concerning its effect... READ MORE

Bigger Pores After TCA Peel

My pores are 10 times bigger after I had TCA Peel in Bulgaria. What can I do about this now? READ MORE

25% TCA vs lactic acid peel? (photos)

For years i've been struggling with acne icepick scars, hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores. I decided to do a 25% TCA peel, the patch test was... READ MORE

Post TCA icepick-like scar on nose (1.5 years ago). Monthly tx (vbeam, palomar, matrix, microniddle RF). Nothing helps. (Photo)

1.5 year ago I had TCA Cross on slightly enlarged pores which left me with craters and depressions. For the past year I had the following corrective... READ MORE

How long should I wait to have TCA cross after 6 months of accutane?

I want to treat my open pores around nose area with tca cross by my dermatologist, is it ok to wait 6 months after off from accutane? Thank you so... READ MORE

Will 20% TCA peel help me?

I have had acne from a very young age and thankfully it cleared up and i only get the odd one or two spots but my skin is destroyed with the red and... READ MORE

Can I get TCA 15% peel done after a pastelle laser session? (photos)

Can i get TCA 15% peel done after a pastelle laser session?If yes how long after the pastelle laster session i can get the peel done? I had my first... READ MORE

Are the results of a TCA peel permanent when treating acne scars? Or I will need to do them for the rest of my life? (photo)

I know how everything works, i just want to know if the results are permanent or not? some people say yes others say no, i have good skin overral, i... READ MORE

Larger Pores After TCA Peel 12.5%?

I did 12.5% TCA peel, after 1 week, nothing improved, then I do a 2 layers peel, it did peeled a bit but couldn't see much difference, after 10... READ MORE

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