PIH + TCA Peel

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How Long Will PIH Last After TCA Peel?

I had a 40% TCA peel done by my dermatologist that left my face with Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (all over my face) and prolonged redness... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Fair Skin?

Is it true that TCA peels are for darker skin? I read on a blog that it's risky to have this treatment if a person has fair skin. I have fair skin, a... READ MORE

How Long Does PIH from a TCA 25% Peel Take to Fade on Pale Skin? (photo)

I gave myself a TCA 25% peel just over a month ago and now I have patches of tan skin on my back where I applied the peel. I have very pale skin... READ MORE

On December 2 I had a 35 percent TCA peel by plastic surgeon. Need advice 4 weeks post peel. (Photo)

I still have redness 4 weeks post peel in certain spots and uneven pink spots as well. I'm very worried. Firstly, will this redness fade and will... READ MORE

How Do I Know if PIH from a Chemical Peel is Permanent?

In what situations would post inflammatory hyperpigmentaion from a chemical peel be permanent? I am fair skinned and a TCA 25% peel I performed on my... READ MORE

PIH from TCA Peel, is It Permanent?

I performed a TCA 25% peel on my back about five weeks ago that resulted in brown PIH (I am fair skinned). I have been using meladerm twice a day for... READ MORE

15% Tca Test Spot?

Alot olot of PIH from using retin a and going out in the sun or picking my face. Esthetician did a 15% tca test spot on me, didnt show any change. She... READ MORE

My Skin Turn Darker After TCA Peel! is This So Called ' Post Peel Hyperpigmentation'? Will It Fade Away?

I have started my birthmark removal treatment with CO2 medlite laser 3 months ago but the results is not significant. So,my doctor gave me a TCA peel... READ MORE

Hydrocortisone After Tca Peel?

Hi, i just had my first tca peel in my forehead, the tca peel was 10%, i want to know if I can put 1%hydrocortisone to accelerate the healing. The... READ MORE

TCA 35% Peel on my Face 2 Weeks Ago. Developing Darker Spots/PIH. Doctor Gave Me Tenovate Ointment Steroid? (photo)

Now my question is the browning spot caused by PIH is having Center pinkish. Is it a good sign? My doctor told he is giving me heavy steroid to... READ MORE

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