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Dark, Bruise-like Spots After TCA Peel Permanent?

I used 25% TCA peel last week, except a little bit on my forehead and nose. The rest of my skin peeled but now I am seeing dark spots (like bruises)... READ MORE

Dent from Scratching Nose After TCA Peel

I had a TCA skin peel and during the healing process, I accidently scratch the tip side of my nose a week ago. Now I have a small dent. What can I do... READ MORE

Ice Pick Scar on Nose. Would A TCA Peel Be Effective?

I have a ice pick scar on the tip of my nose and i was wondering if a strong TCA chemical peel would remove it if not reduce it, and if so how strong... READ MORE

How long does redness last after a medium-depth chemical peel? (Photo)

I got a 30% TCA peel that was layered twice. My cheeks and nose area swelled a little for a few days, then it went down. Today is the 8th day. I have... READ MORE

What is the Best Option to Get Rid of Under the Nostrils Scars? (photo)

So I had surgery before and was wonder what can I do to get rid of this scar? Lasers don't seem to fit in that section. I have tried a TCA peel many... READ MORE

TCA cross for nose scars. (photo)

Hi, I'm a 21 yr old female in Sydney Australia when I was younger I had bad cystic acne on my nose which left me raised scars and large pores.... READ MORE

I want to remove freckles on my nose. I bought a 25% TCA peel and have never done a peel before. Should I do it by myself?

I have light-slightly tannish skin and I want to know if this would be good for me to do by myself READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty four months ago and had a TCA chemical peel three days ago. My nose is not peeling. What can I do? (Photo)

My face is peeling normally but my nose has bright red blotches that I can't hide with make-up. I fear my new nose has been damaged permanently. What... READ MORE

White Patches on my Face from 18% TCA Peel Permanent?

I did an 18% tca peel on my face a few months ago and applied two layers, but the area around my nose that heavily frosted is a lot lighter than the... READ MORE

TCA Cross for Indented Laser Scarring?

I had an Nd:Yag treatment 4 months ago for broken capillaries by the nose, which ended up giving me two indented scars on each side of the nose... READ MORE

After applying 50% TCA Peel on my nose, it now have an indent and redness. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Please help have been self conscious of my nose ever since I had surgery on it 11 years ago , put tca on it to take skin scar tissue off of it, but... READ MORE

East-Indian in 20's; The scars are pink-ish, circular, raised and on tip of my nose. What can I do to lower the raised scars?

Skin color: medium brown type 4 on the fitzpatrick scale. Scars are all PINK-ish RAISED CIRCULAR scars on my nose (which are there to this day). I... READ MORE

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