2 Weeks Post-op + TCA Peel

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2nd Tca Cross Treatment It's Been Almost 2 Weeks and Scars Are Still There Will They Continue to Improve More?

I just had my second treatment of tca cross done, two weeks this Friday I've had more improvement but there still there! will I continue to see... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Redness of the Upper Lip Skin After 15% TCA Peel? (photo)

It's been 2 weeks since all the skin on my upper lip peeled of. But it's still red. What can I do? Please help me. READ MORE

Normal for Face to Be Dark After a TCA Peel?

I had a TCA peel two weeks ago. My skin started peeling a day or so later and carried on peeling for ten days after. It has now been 15 days since, my... READ MORE

Scars from a TCA Peel, Are They Permanent?

I had my first TCA peel two weeks ago.The doctor used 30% TCA for a minute or even less.I see skin texture improvements but I've noticed that now... READ MORE

Did I permanently discolor my face with a TCA peel? (photo)

I am a black female and my coworker and I did a tca peel on my face Its been two weeks today and it's very dark and splotchy Some spots are light I... READ MORE

Had a TCA Cross Procedure Done on a Small Punch Excision Scar. Is This Safe?

I had this procedure done by a reputable plastic surgeon two weeks ago. The original scar started as a dilated pore. I had a punch excision back in... READ MORE

If I Get a 25% TCA Two Weeks After my Botox and Juvederm Will It Make the Injections Dissipate Faster?

If I Get a 25% TCA Two Weeks After my Botox and Juvederm Will It Make the Injections Dissipate Faster? READ MORE

Q-switched Laser After Peel?

Hello, I had a TCA peel (medium) on my face two weeks ago. It is healed, just some pinkness. I have melisma and was hoping the peel would help, but... READ MORE

TCA 20 peel. Almost two weeks and still a lot of unpeeled skin. Concerned. Is this normal?

I had a TCA 20 peel in the dermatologist's office 13 days ago. There is still a lot of unpeeled skin on my cheeks and temples. Is this normal? I am... READ MORE

Burnt my Face with a 30% Tca Peel, What Can I Put on It to Prevent Scarring? (photo)

I am half black, half lebanese and tried to do spot treatment on my ice pick/boxar acne scars and unfortunately burnt my face pretty badly. I went to... READ MORE

TCA 35% Peel on my Face 2 Weeks Ago. Developing Darker Spots/PIH. Doctor Gave Me Tenovate Ointment Steroid? (photo)

Now my question is the browning spot caused by PIH is having Center pinkish. Is it a good sign? My doctor told he is giving me heavy steroid to... READ MORE

Red Spot After 50% Tca Peel?

Roughly 2 weeks ago I used a 50% TCA on my face until it whittened up then I washed it off. Now one side of my face seems to be back to normal with... READ MORE

Face/Neck Lift - TCA Peel and Fat Transfer?

Asian Male darker skin. 16 days ago -Performed by a well known Surgeon with very good reviews Everything was done the same day. TCA Peel ( 25% - 3... READ MORE

I Got 50% Tca from Amazon for Skin Tags Very Bad Idea. What Can I Do to Help Heal?

It's been two weeks now and very dry and stings at times can I use moisturiser or sporn to help heal this very bad idea I did.. please help I have... READ MORE

How can I reduce redness after 15 % TCA peel and is it normal to have redness 15 days after the peel?

I had a 15 % TCA peel before 15 days to help improve my acne scars. BUT not only it didn't improved anything but also i had new pimple breaking out... READ MORE

2 weeks ago I had a TCA peel and now I have some lighter and darker skin tones on my face. Will this fade? (Photo)

I've had a TCA peel. I am done peeling now. First week I didn't even leave home and now I use spf 50 when leaving home. However, I have some lighter... READ MORE

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