Yag + Tattoo Removal

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Is the Ruby Laser the most effective laser treatment to remove my tattoo? (photo)

Hi, [Had to shorten question a lot] I found a very professional looking clinic in my home town. (Cambridge. UK) Today, I was expecting to be zapped... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Remove Eyebrow Tattoo if Test Spot Reacts Well?

I had a test spot done few days ago. Is the removal safe, if test spot reacts well and no hair loss is noticed? Is it possible that the ink oxidized... READ MORE

I want a black ink tattoo removal. Which would you recommend; Picosure vs Yag1064?

I have seen a ton of discussion on the new Picosure and also the Yag1064 in regards to black ink. I know the Picosure is the new hype in tattoo... READ MORE

Which is better Q-switched or Q-switched ND YAG laser for best safest results for a black orange red tattoo for rework? (photo)

Im wanting to get a tattoo lighten so it can be covered up by another tattoo. The tattoo consists mainly black - orange and small amounts of red ink.... READ MORE

Removing a grey/light blue hammerhead shark from the top of my right foot. Which laser is best? (Photo)

Okay so basically my tattoo artist did what he wanted, not what I wanted and I am super upset. But believe me, life lesson has been learned. I have a... READ MORE

What laser is best for getting rid of black Ink? (Photo)

Hello I have two tattoos on my wrists that I regret greatly and I'm looking for the fastest and most effective way to get rid of them. Before I jump... READ MORE

Which laser is best for a black tattoo?

Hi, Considering a full tattoo removal. Wich laser is best on a black tattoo. Its place upper shoulder. Q-switchet Nd:YAG or Picosure ? And will it be... READ MORE

What would you recommend for a full tattoo removal? (photos)

Im considering a full removal but before I start the prosess I have some questions About me: from Norway, 31 yrs, no smoke and go to gym every day... READ MORE

Advice Needed: Laser Tattoo Removal - Dermal or Epidermal Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I'm two sessions in to laser tattoo removal using a Q-Switch YAG and the black ink is shifting, however, in its place is a brownish colour. I'm... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make an Excision? Can I Get a Lineal Scar? Should I Still Trying with Laser? (photo)

I Hope It Can Be 100% Removed. 6 in x 3 tattoo below the shoulder, five Nd yag laser sessions and very resistant. It seems that it has stop removing,... READ MORE

How is Asclepion laser different from standard Q-switched lasers and picosure?

I need to decide on which clinic to go here soon enough and I have 3 to choose from. One has picosure, one has ND yag Q-switch and the third one has... READ MORE

What kind of laser is the most suitable method to remove my tattoo? (Photo)

I've researched a lot of information about tattoo removal in this web, as far as i've known, picosure can make tattoo fade faster than laser YAG,... READ MORE

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