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Is the Ruby Laser the most effective laser treatment to remove my tattoo? (photo)

Hi, [Had to shorten question a lot] I found a very professional looking clinic in my home town. (Cambridge. UK) Today, I was expecting to be zapped... READ MORE

Which is better Q-switched or Q-switched ND YAG laser for best safest results for a black orange red tattoo for rework? (photo)

Im wanting to get a tattoo lighten so it can be covered up by another tattoo. The tattoo consists mainly black - orange and small amounts of red ink.... READ MORE

What laser is best for getting rid of black Ink? (Photo)

Hello I have two tattoos on my wrists that I regret greatly and I'm looking for the fastest and most effective way to get rid of them. Before I jump... READ MORE

I want a black ink tattoo removal. Which would you recommend; Picosure vs Yag1064?

I have seen a ton of discussion on the new Picosure and also the Yag1064 in regards to black ink. I know the Picosure is the new hype in tattoo... READ MORE

Is the R20 method safe and effective for tattoo removal? (Photo)

I have a black ink tattoo of just lettering. It is new and I'm waiting 8 weeks before I begin laser removal. I am wondering if the r20 method done... READ MORE

Removing a grey/light blue hammerhead shark from the top of my right foot. Which laser is best? (Photo)

Okay so basically my tattoo artist did what he wanted, not what I wanted and I am super upset. But believe me, life lesson has been learned. I have a... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Remove Eyebrow Tattoo if Test Spot Reacts Well?

I had a test spot done few days ago. Is the removal safe, if test spot reacts well and no hair loss is noticed? Is it possible that the ink oxidized... READ MORE

Which laser is best for a black tattoo?

Hi, Considering a full tattoo removal. Wich laser is best on a black tattoo. Its place upper shoulder. Q-switchet Nd:YAG or Picosure ? And will it be... READ MORE

What would you recommend for a full tattoo removal? (photos)

Im considering a full removal but before I start the prosess I have some questions About me: from Norway, 31 yrs, no smoke and go to gym every day... READ MORE

Is the Q-switched Nd:YAG the best for black tattoos?

Just wondering what should be the best laser for my tattoo. READ MORE

What kind of laser is the most suitable method to remove my tattoo? (Photo)

I've researched a lot of information about tattoo removal in this web, as far as i've known, picosure can make tattoo fade faster than laser YAG,... READ MORE

My permanent make up on my eyebrows removal turn out to be horrible. Will my hair be back?

Hy ! Its 11 months ago last year i had 3 Treatments by IPL at the 3rd treatment i löst very much Hair i stopped it 2 months later i had a laser... READ MORE

Light spot on my tattoo after 2nd treatment. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello doctors, i just had my second session for my tattoo removal, i have my first one with nd yag 1064, and when i went for the second session to use... READ MORE

I have about an inch and half vertical tribal mark on both cheeks ever since I can remember. Can it be removed safely? (Photo)

My research suggest i need a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser using the 1064 wavelength treatment. I am still unable to find one. Any suggestions or... READ MORE

How many estimated treatments will it take to completely remove this tattoo with nd yag 1064? (photos)

Hello, i have a black ink rosary with a star on my left arm, i was wondering how many treatments will it take to have it removed with the nd yag 1064? READ MORE

Advice Needed: Laser Tattoo Removal - Dermal or Epidermal Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I'm two sessions in to laser tattoo removal using a Q-Switch YAG and the black ink is shifting, however, in its place is a brownish colour. I'm... READ MORE

How is Asclepion laser different from standard Q-switched lasers and picosure?

I need to decide on which clinic to go here soon enough and I have 3 to choose from. One has picosure, one has ND yag Q-switch and the third one has... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make an Excision? Can I Get a Lineal Scar? Should I Still Trying with Laser? (photo)

I Hope It Can Be 100% Removed. 6 in x 3 tattoo below the shoulder, five Nd yag laser sessions and very resistant. It seems that it has stop removing,... READ MORE

Tattoo removal

HI sir, I want to remove a tattoo on my hand. Is Q switched Nd YAG laser safe for that? Does it matter whether I get the treatment from a reputed clinic? READ MORE

Can you tattoo over a removed tattoo with Erbium YAG?

I got my tattoo removed before 1.5 years and left mw with a scar. My scar was improved with resurfacing 2 times after removal to smooth the texture.... READ MORE

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