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Small Tattoo Removal. How Many Treatments Would it Take For Removal?

I just got a tattoo (smaller than a quarter black and red heart) on my rib cage. I'm a very small girl, not sure if that would change how deep the ink... READ MORE

Is This Tattoo a Good Candidate for Excision Removal? (photo)

I just got inked... and I regret it. There's a story, but the bottom line is that I wasn't in the right emotional state when I got it. My question is... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal 4th Appt? (photo)

This week I had my 4th appointment and noticed that the practitioner finished quicker than normal. The immediate redness and swelling was not... READ MORE

I Have a Few Questions About the Lazer Removal of a Tattoo? (photo)

My questions are: will my age be a factor in the removal as my skin is still young? (im 19) will the thin black lines in this tattoo break up faster... READ MORE

Laser Removal of Large, Professionally Done, Black Outline?

I recently got a quite large, professionally done tattoo on my calf. As of now it is only a black outline. It is located on my lower leg starting at... READ MORE

I have fallen into deep depression. How can I get rid of this? (Photo)

I got this tattoo about 2 weeks ago I desperately want it gone I have found a clinic that is willing to help me financially to remove it so the money... READ MORE

Would It Be Cheaper to Remove Several Tattoos at Once? (photo)

I have three tattoos that I need removed. I already asked a previous question earlier. But I am adding a picture to get a more indepth answer, in... READ MORE

Is tattoo shading easier or quicker to laser off?

I have a tattoo not too many dark areas a couple here and there I'm looking to get layered off is it easier or quicker to get rid of shading I asked... READ MORE

Inner forearm tattoo - can it be removed? (photo)

This tattoo is on my inner forearm. The portrait is 7 years old, the flowers are about 3 years old. I'm aiming for complete removal. Is this possible,... READ MORE

I got a very colorful tattoo a week ago and I regret it. How much would it cost to remove, and how long would it take? (Photo)

I'd like to know what is the best laser treatment I should look into, how long do I have to wait before getting laser treatment done, and estimated... READ MORE

Need to get rid of my tattoo. Is it possible with one session, and what is the pain like? (Photo)

I have 6 small black doves on my the side of my wrist to my forearm.. 2 years old and slightly faded, is it possible to be removed in 1 session if... READ MORE

Tattoo removal (Large tattoo on my back) Can I get rid of the ink? (Photo)

This is a picture of my back before and after 1 session. It was spectra vrm machine. I had this large tattoo for 12 years before deciding to get rid... READ MORE

Can my tattoo be easily removed? (Photo)

I have two tattoos I want removed, both on my arms. I was wondering can these two be removed, and how long would something like this take/cost? READ MORE

Can you estimate how many treatments it would take to remove my tattoo and scarring likelihood?

I have a tattoo on my inner wrist. Its black ink & says 'believe'. Its half an inch high and less than 2 inches long, a watch or bracelet covers it... READ MORE

How many sessions do you think I would have to undergo to have my tattoo removed? (Photo)

I've had this tattoo for three years already and I've been considering laser tattoo removal. My tattoo was not professionally done. READ MORE

How Many Sessions at How Much Cost Per Session to Get Tattoos Removed?

I have two small tattoos; a butterfly on the web of my hand where my thumb and index meet and the name 'Celone' on the base of the right side of my... READ MORE

How many laser treatment sessions would this take? (Photo)

About 1.5x 2" big With a Revlite how many sessions do you think it would take READ MORE

How many treatments and how much money can get rid of a small, black ink amateur tattoo? (Photo)

One of my close friends does tattoos at her house, and angsty teenager me got a tattoo that I now regret. I want rid of it as soon as possible. The... READ MORE

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