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Possible to Lighten a New Tattoo?

I had a tattoo on my right arm several weeks ago and it was a solid black. Now I'm trying to lighten it up. Can any one tell me what should I do? Thanks. READ MORE

How Can I Lighten a Dark Tattoo?

I just had my eyebrows tattooed today, they are too dark..I am can I lighten them? I have been scrubbing them all day in hopes of lightening... READ MORE

Will Laser Completely Remove Eyebrow Tattoo?

My eyebrow tattoos are now nearly all gone, but there is a slight shadow left. It seems the laser treatment is less effective each time as the tattoo... READ MORE

Dark Around the Nipples After Tattooing

I have had a breast reduction surgery and later on the tatooing was done around the niples...I wished it to be lighter than the actual aerola color... READ MORE

I Have a Large Back Tattoo I Want Removed. Advice?

I made a mistake not only once, but twice! I covered up a small back tattoo (which was very light) with a large back tattoo which has black - grey... READ MORE

How Many Treatments Does It Generally Take to Lighten a Tattoo for a Cover Up?

My tattoo consists of mostly black ink with a little pieces done in red. It's fairly new and located on my upper thigh. I am leaning towards fading... READ MORE

I had a test spot done on a colored tattoo. If there is Oxidation, could it be lightened with treatments? (photos)

I had a test spot done on a larger, colored tattoo. I've gone to several consultations, and everyone says I should not have a problem getting rid of... READ MORE

Would laser be succesful in removing my flower cover up, over a symbol tattoo? Or partially lightening centre for rework? photo

Hi I got a cover up from someone who was recommended for cover ups. I'm not happy with the result, I have been back once already. She filled in the... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Area Looks Light After a Week? (photo)

I had my 1st tattoo removal done 1 week ago on my arm. I have black skin. The colours of the tattoo are red, black and green. The area was covered in... READ MORE

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