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Tattoo Removal Cream

I WANT to remove my 2 and half inch long tattoo from my chest! However I dont have financial abilities to do the laser treatment, if you can tell me... READ MORE

Possible to Use Numbing Cream During Laser Tattoo Removal?

I have this tattoo on my nape, I’m so desperate to remove it… does anyone know a numbing cream to use during tattoo removal? I want to... READ MORE

How Long to Wait to Get Tattoo Removed?

I have a fairly new tattoo, and I was wondering, do I need to wait about a year or 6 months to have it removed? Also in the meantime, can I use a... READ MORE

Tattoo Lightening Creams/Gels - Do They Work?

I just got a tattoo 3 days ago that didnt come out the way i wanted, and which i completely regret. i have done a lot of research on laser treatments,... READ MORE

Will my tattoo removal leave a scar? (photos)

Hello i am 24 and would like to know if i am going to have a scar left .i am doing a tattoo removal and i already had 3 treatments .this is a photo 2... READ MORE

Can I Apply an Anti-itch Cream to a Scab from Laser Tattoo Removal?

It's scabbed over in some areas (and no other open wounds), and it's itchy. The active ingredients in the anti-itch cream are dipenhydramine... READ MORE

Extremely itchy after tattoo removal, lotions and creams are not working. What can you suggest to give me some relief?

Just over a week ago I got my first session of laser tattoo removal over three rather large sites on both of my forearms and my left hand. Everything... READ MORE

New Tattoo Removal Cream, Could It Really Work?

According to an article released by the Huffington Post a researcher by the name of Alex Falkenam has created a topical tattoo removal cream claiming... READ MORE

Topical Tattoo Removal Treatment: What Are the Chances It Will Work? (photos)

I read recently that a researcher at Dalhousie University is developing a cream that will “make tattoo ink eventually fade away," without any of the... READ MORE

Tattoo removal cream: Is this something that could replace tattoo removal labels?

I just saw in the news that there's a new tattoo removal cream being developed that has shown great promise on pig ears -- and for only $5?? What's... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after laser tattoo removal. Could this have caused the hypopigmentation? (photos)

Hi, posting again wirh more info. I've just had my 4th session on a v black old tattoo onlower back. I have been told I have Hypo-pigmentation? I also... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Tattoo over Skin That Has Had a Tattoo Removed with Tattoo Removal Cream? Such As Wrecking Balm or Fadeplex.

Is It Safe to Tattoo over Skin That Has Had a Tattoo Removed with Tattoo Removal Cream? Such As Wrecking Balm or Fadeplex. READ MORE

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