White + Stretch Marks Treatment

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Best Way to Remove Old and White Stretch Marks?

I have stretch marks due to weight problems. I am afraid they have already turned white and old. What is the most effective stretch mark treatment to... READ MORE

Most Effective Way to Remove Old White Stretch Marks on the Breast? Dark Skin, Indian.

I have had stretch marks all over my breasts for the past 15 years. They are white and silvery and are slowly creeping up towards my chest..I fear... READ MORE

I Have White Stretch Marks on My Arms, and Bothered By the Texture? (photo)

I'm not really bothered by this, but i am bothered about the texture of them. the little dips in the skin when i flex my arms or purposely pull at the... READ MORE

Old White Indented Stretch Mark Laser?

Hi, I am trying to find a good laser treatment for white indented stretch marks. I have found one place that use palamar starlux 1540 fractional laser... READ MORE

Any Way to Darken White Stretch Marks?

I've had stretch marks on my hips ever since I had my growth spurt in middle school. Now that I'm going to college, the stretch marks have smoothed... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Method of Improving the Appearance Of, if Not Completely Removing Old White Stretch Marks?

What is the Most Effective Method of Improving the Appearance Of, if Not Completely Removing Old White Stretch Marks? I asked about Fraxel already... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Laser for White Stretch Marks?

What is the most effective laser for white stretch marks? Reguardless of cost, how much improvement can I expect after the recommended amount of... READ MORE

Removal techniques for white stretch marks around buttocks? (photos)

I have SO many stretch marks around my buttocks area. They are white, and very visible. Not to mention EMBARRASSING for the summer time!! What are... READ MORE

Will 10 to 15 Laser Treatments Eradicate Stretch Marks?

Im 19 years old i had stretch marks for about 11 years and there white thin and all over my shoulders if i get 10 or 15 laser treatments over the... READ MORE

I have older, white stretch marks and I'm African American. What can I use to reduce the appearance of them?

I have had stretch marks on my legs and but after I gained weight. I have heard of carboxytherapy, excimer laser, fraxel, yag, etc. What not only is... READ MORE

Most effective laser for white stretch marks?

I know that white stretch marks are difficult to treat and can't be removed entirely, but I want to know what laser would at least give me some... READ MORE

Is there a surgical procedure that I can do to fully remove my old white stretch marks?

On my legs calf/thighs and lower butt. Not lighten them but REMOVE them completely READ MORE

What is Better for Treating Stretch Marks, Ematrix, Pixel RF or Starlux 1540?

I'm 30 years old and i would like to improve my white stretch marks. I'm have skin type 3/4 and mybe the laser option can cause skin damage. Thank you... READ MORE

Options to Improve White/silver Stretch Marks?

I know i cant remove stretch marks but i want to improve them, and yes there the silvery/white ones, now some doctors say white ones cant be treated... READ MORE

How to Fade White Stretch Marks? (photo)

I have some stretch marks on the bicep region of my arm to my shoulder area. The stretch marks are mostly white and some are a little indented. I do... READ MORE

Effective Ways to Reduce the Appearance of White, Old Stretch Marks?

I know there really isn't anything that will eliminate stretch marks and the chance of successfully reducing stretch marks is better when they are... READ MORE

Im African American with White Stretch Marks on my Breast What Can I Do?

Im 5 feet tall and I've lost 20 pounds. Im now at 133 pounds and plan on losing 25 more pounds. I think because of my weight loss caused me the get... READ MORE

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