Weight Loss + Stretch Marks Treatment

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Laser Stretch Marks

I am having treatments for stretch marks that are not from pregnancy. I am now trying Fractional. I had my first treatment and so far it's okay -... READ MORE

Will Weight Lifting Improve Stretch Marks?

Hello im 18 years old sex: male my weight was 220 lbs and i have lost near 60 lbs my problem now is the stretch marks so my question if go to the gym... READ MORE

Male Stretch Mark Removal and Skin Tightening

Hi I am a 34 yr old man that has lost 65lbs. my doctor suggested radiofrquency for the tightening and MICRO NEEDLING for the stretch marks. I probably... READ MORE

Best treatment For the stretch marks all over my body? (photo)

I am 22, I Have reduced some weight and all I can see are these stretch marks all over my body..I am planning to reduce some more weight Bt I am... READ MORE

What Are my Options For These Stretch Marks After Weight Loss?

I'm a 32yo male, set for an abdominoplasty at the end of July. I used to weigh 70 lbs more, but have been at my ideal weight for 10+ years. But I've... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for stretch marks removal?

.i would like to know if with exercise and weight loss i can make them smaller and then with laser treatment make them invisible because i used to be... READ MORE

Hello I Am 18 Years Old and NOT Pregnant. I Wondering Why I Have Stretch Marks on my Belly? Is It Because I've Lost Weight??

Is it because I'm loosing weight or gaining it? I'm really worried?? I hope I'm not gaining weight :((( READ MORE

How can I get rid of my long stretch marks on the shoulder of both of my arms that are lighter than my skin color?

The stretch marks are about 8 years old . I am an african american girl. At the age of 13 i weighed over 200 pounds. I did the shaun t workout n lost... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for stretch marks?

I have had stretchmarks for years as a result of weight loss and have tried different creams but not seen them fade much. someone advised me to go for... READ MORE

Male With Stretch Marks After Big Weight Loss- What Can I Do? (photo)

Im 6.2 ft,My weight is 173lbs. What really bothers me are the bigs stretch marks all over my belly and my waist.What procedureis recommended for... READ MORE

Treatment for Stretch Marks Caused by Weight Loss?

My son gained and lost a lot of weight very quickly. He has very severe stretch marks. What can be done? How do I find a good doctor for that? READ MORE

I am 26 year old and I lost a significant amount of weight. What is the Best Treatment for Stretch Marks?

I am 26 year old , i lost a significant amount of weight ,but due to which i got enlarged chest and flabby skin around the lower abdomen , and stretch... READ MORE

How to Reduce and Prevent Stretch Marks when Losing Weight?

I'm working out and losing weight. My plan is to lose 30 pounds I like to know how I can prevent getting stretch marks? will losing the weight... READ MORE

Stretch Marks Treatment? (photo)

I'm a guy with stretch marks, covered in them, some half an inch wide and 7 inches long. Most are old and silvery, still deep and very noticeable.... READ MORE

How to remove stretch marks after weight loss?

I had problem with my skin,before I'm over weight.but after I loose weight my arm,my leg,n my boobs has stretch marks left.because of this,I have no... READ MORE

How can you prevent new stretch marks when losing weight?

I have already stretch marks because of gained weight in the past but there are white and thin . I want to lose weight because I have 25 pounds... READ MORE

22, haven't had any rapid weight loss recently. Why am I developing stretch marks now? What can I do?

I have a lot of silver stretch marks I noticed after losing weight years ago. I'm not a teenaget as well (22). I noticed a red stretch mark on the... READ MORE

Can stretch mark removal cause hormonal imbalance in the future? Is it harmful?

Can strecth mark removal through laser affect the body tissue and can cause hormonal imbalance..infuture that may include ..weight gain or loss or... READ MORE

Can you get stretch marks when returning to a normal weight after losing a significant amount?

I recently lost a significant amount of weight, and am now underweight. I want to regain at least half of the 15kg I lost, so my BMI is in the healthy... READ MORE

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