Weight Gain + Stretch Marks Treatment

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Best Way to Remove Old and White Stretch Marks?

I have stretch marks due to weight problems. I am afraid they have already turned white and old. What is the most effective stretch mark treatment to... READ MORE

Got Stretch Marks During Rapid Weight Loss. Will They Fade if I Gain Weight?

I have them on my butt. on the left ones there more of them like 7 white ones . i also suffer from hyperpigmentation in the right butt that one has... READ MORE

I have older, white stretch marks and I'm African American. What can I use to reduce the appearance of them?

I have had stretch marks on my legs and but after I gained weight. I have heard of carboxytherapy, excimer laser, fraxel, yag, etc. What not only is... READ MORE

Why are my stretch marks bumpy and what can I do to improve the texture?

I recently gained weight and I developed stretch marks for the first time ever all down my thighs, calves and behind my knees it's so gross but it... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the stretch marks on my arms? (photo)

Hello to all best doctors in this world, i would ask your help and it's MAYDAY MAYDAY help i need,10 years back during my pregnancy i had low platelet... READ MORE

Hello I Am 18 Years Old and NOT Pregnant. I Wondering Why I Have Stretch Marks on my Belly? Is It Because I've Lost Weight??

Is it because I'm loosing weight or gaining it? I'm really worried?? I hope I'm not gaining weight :((( READ MORE

Is there a surgery to completely remove stretch marks?

I have them everywhere and I want them gone! Anything, please they are on my stomach, back if legs, hips, arms, and butt. I have seriously confidence... READ MORE

Can all my stretchmarks be removed? (Photo)

After gaining 85lbs throughout my pregnancy, My stomach is full of disgusting stretchmarks! I really wish i can remove them all but their all over, so... READ MORE

I just want to ask what is this?

It's itchy and it's on my stomach, back and thigh. I assumed they're just stretch marks sunce I gain so much weight. I haven't check it with a doctor.... READ MORE

I Have Horrible Strech Marks but No Lose Skin

I have gain weight but I have not been obese. My stretch marks make me look like I was a 500 pound man. I have horrible skin. I am loosing close to a... READ MORE

Is There No Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

I got many of stretch marks.. on my both tights ( almost whole area..) butt, calf( few) , beside of armpit. and even on my breasts.i got them about... READ MORE

Should I get the stretch marks on my stomach looked at? (photo)

For the last 4-5 years I've had problems involving my stomach, but I was only 160-170 pounds at the time, but within the last 6-7 months I have gained... READ MORE

Best laser stretch-mark treatment? (Photo)

I understand that nothing will completely diminish stretch marks but I've seen a lot of treatment result pics and I'm interested in improving my own... READ MORE

Are laser stretch mark treatments possibly covered under insurance? (photos)

2 years ago I got diagnosed with something that made me gain(the meds) an uncontrollable amount of weight. caused severe stretch marks ALL OVER my... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for stretch marks on breasts?

I understand that there is NO WAY to completely remove stretch marks 100%, but I'm sure there are treatments to minimize them? My Stretch Marks are on... READ MORE

What can I use to get rid of stretch marks under my lower hips?

I'm a 21 young lady and I have stretch marks under my lower hips because of weight grain. What can I use to help get rid of them? READ MORE

Can stretch mark removal cause hormonal imbalance in the future? Is it harmful?

Can strecth mark removal through laser affect the body tissue and can cause hormonal imbalance..infuture that may include ..weight gain or loss or... READ MORE

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