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What is the Most Effective Method of Improving the Appearance Of, if Not Completely Removing Old White Stretch Marks?

What is the Most Effective Method of Improving the Appearance Of, if Not Completely Removing Old White Stretch Marks? I asked about Fraxel already... READ MORE

Is coolbeam laser legit for getting rid of stretch marks?

I have stretch marks from pregnancy over 13 years ago. I had a tummy tuck but it did not get rid of all of the stretch marks. Recently I found a... READ MORE

Does Bio Oil Work on Old Stretch Mark?

I have old stretch marks and I African American and I dont want to do surgery. But if you know any that does work please tell me know. READ MORE

Will Tanning then Using Self Tanning Lotion Help Stretch Marks?

I have these ugly stretch marks that go up my sides and some on the inter-sides of my thighs from where I was obese at one giving time. I'm planning... READ MORE

Would the Excimer Laser or Fraxel Laser Help with my White Stretch Marks Color Considerably? (photo)

I have stretch marks covering my breasts for about 8 years now they aren't thick the color is more the problem.I am 18 years old and have fair skin in... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for New Purple Stretch Marks?

There is a new fad going on, at day spas, and also being offered in home kits. I decided I would try it, it is 25 for 3 10 min lactic acid treatments,... READ MORE

Do You Think There Will Ever Be Something Effective to Erase Stretch Marks?

Do you think in the future there will ever be anything really effective to erase stretch marks? Or it's an impossible dream? I know how stretch marks... READ MORE

Most effective laser for white stretch marks?

I know that white stretch marks are difficult to treat and can't be removed entirely, but I want to know what laser would at least give me some... READ MORE

Can Using an Exfoliating Shower Glove Reduce the Texture/depth of Old Stretch Marks?

I have old white stretch marks. Some are long and wide, with a little bit of depth, while others are smaller, but deeper. I realize stretch marks are... READ MORE

Avita Recell for Stretch Marks?

There is a new system out that uses your own skin to create new skin. It harvests the fibroblasts and other good bits that are in your dermis and... READ MORE

Mederma/2nm Skin Needling Effective?

My stretch marks are under 6 months old, still dark pink and mean looking. Will a 2 mm derma roller and mederma for 24 weeks have a dramatic result?... READ MORE

Is ReCell a Viable Treatment for Stretch Marks?

The scope for treating stretch marks entirely seems quite limited, especially for darker skin tones. However, recell seems like viable route. I... READ MORE

Is There No Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

I got many of stretch marks.. on my both tights ( almost whole area..) butt, calf( few) , beside of armpit. and even on my breasts.i got them about... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between the StarLux and Palomar Icon Stretch Mark Treatment?

Which treatment is more effective for removing stretch marks ? READ MORE

Does Dermelastic stretch mark serum work?

I have stretch marks on my thighs and sides. I don't want to surgery i just want then less noticeable. has anyone used Dermelastic stretch mark... READ MORE

Will Science Ever Prevail over the Problem of Stretch Marks?

Anyone heard of laviv? Enlighten us about its efficacy- I know lasers are not effective. I have spurts of stretch marks all over my body. What can i... READ MORE

Yellowish Stretch Marks on My Tummy. Is Thermage Effective in Treating These? (photo)

What would you recommend? i had a fat body with tummy stretch marks READ MORE

Are There Any Promising New Stretch Mark Treatments That Will Be Available Soon?

The experts on this site seem to agree that the current stretch mark treatments are only partially effective. I wonder what is the outlook for stretch... READ MORE

The best laser treatment for white/red stretch marks? I am trying to find the best treatment for white and red stretch marks.

Its hard because the stretch marks on my arms are red and the ones on my stomach are white but sometimes they appear more red depending on the... READ MORE

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