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How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

I want to get a smile makeover but am concerned about the cost of cosmetic dentistry. What do most procedures cost? Are there some cosmetic dentistry... READ MORE

Smile Makeover - Cost of Crowns + Implants

How much do dental implants and crowns cost? READ MORE

What's the cheapest Smile Makeover for just 2 broken teeth?

What is the cost of fixing 2 broken front teeth, which are visible when I smile. READ MORE

Teeth hardly show when smiling or talking, thin lips - Do I need a lip lift or jaw surgery, or both? (photo)

I have pretty low confidence because of my ugly mouth. I have a long distance between my nose and upper lip, really thin lips, and my teeth don't show... READ MORE

Smile Makeover Options for Slight Overbite and Chipped Teeth?

What treatments within a smile makeover are best to correct several chipped teeth, a slight overbite and some overlapping bottom teeth? What options... READ MORE

Smile Makeover Recommendations for Stained Teeth?

Compared with other veneers, do Lumineers offer more or less coverage for stained teeth? For someone who has straight, healthy teeth with permanent... READ MORE

I can see my teeth when I smile, but can't seem to see them when I open mouth. Is that normal?

I can only see the bottom teeth when I open my mouth. The top is completely covered. READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Smile? (photo)

When I smile my teeth barely show and I have to force it. Will removing the fat in my face help? Will braces help or any other teeth correction? READ MORE

Which Smile Makeover Methods Produce the Most Subtle Results?

I want to correct a chipped tooth and whiten my smile a bit. Which procedures are best, yet not too dramatic looking? READ MORE

When I smile, you can't see most of my upper teeth. Is this a cosmetic, orthodontic, or surgical issue?

I'm 28 and had braces when I was about 13 for an overjet and crossbite. I haven't worn my retainer for years and now, I hate my smile. I don't mind... READ MORE

What is needed to improve my smile?

Well, I guess what I need is just an idea of what to do. I hate my smile. I avoid pictures- I hate it so much. Fine when I don't smile. But my smile... READ MORE

Is there a solution to my very crooked smile? (photo)

My smile has been crooked my whole life. When I try to smile showing teeththe bottom left corner drags down and I hate it :-( I'm extremely envious... READ MORE

What would you recommend for a small, crooked smile and small teeth? (Photos)

I've hated my teeth and smile since I was young. I don't ever smile on photos as it just looks awful. My smile seems to pull up normally at one side,... READ MORE

Only half of my teeth show when I smile. How can I fix it?

My TEETH are long but my gums are not. the length between my upper lip and nose is short too [ not the problem ]. i have even been keeping my teeth;... READ MORE

How can I improve my lips and teeth to feel more comfortable ? (photos)

The right side of my lip is larger then my left. It also pulls to the right significantly more when I'm talking or smiling. Is this fixable ? Also I... READ MORE

What can be done to give me a beautiful smile? (photos)

Growing up there wasn't a big importance on going to the dentist and I only went once when I was 16, I'm 24 now and the dentist said I had nice teeth.... READ MORE

Can something be done about my smile? (Crooked lips)

I've had braces for a while and one of my teeth pertruded outward. now you can still tell where that tooth was because i guess it made an impression... READ MORE

Can I reduce the size of my front teeth ? (photos)

My front teeth have always been big through out my life and what makes it worse is I have a small mouth. My smile doesn't look good and this makes me... READ MORE

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