Multiple Procedures + Smart Lipo

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Smart Lipo Under General Anesthesia on Multiple Areas

Can Smart Lipo under general anesthesia be performed on multiple areas? What are its advantages and disadvantages? READ MORE

Can Smart Liposuction be done in conjunction with a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

I know that Smart Lipo tightens the skin so I would like to do a Brazilian Butt Lift with Smart Lipo as opposed to traditional liposuction if this is... READ MORE

I had neck and chin Smartlipo and buccal removal. What can I do to maximize results post surgery?

Today is the 5th day post op. I wear a compression band 8-10 hours a day. The doctor took out c.100ml of fat from my neck through liposuction. He said... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo of the body be done immediately after traditional Lipo for skin tightening? (Photo)

I'm planning on having Lipo of the arms, back, abdomen, arms and inner thighs along with a Brazilian butt lift I've always wanted to have smart Lipo... READ MORE

Just had neck/chin smartlipo 3 days ago. The area right under my chin feels numb...

Is it normal for the area under your chin to be numb 3-4 days after smarlipo of the neck/chin? I was trying to shave today and it was the strangest... READ MORE

Is smart lipo on my abdomen and thighs and a butt fat transfer too much to do at once?

I am getting smart lipo on my abdomen and thighs, my doctor suggests a butt fat transfer, is it too much all at once?Am i going to have trouble... READ MORE

Follow up with photos to previous question regarding smart lipo and fat transfer to buttocks. (Photo)

Below are the pictures that didn't upload for my previous question related to smart lipo and fat transfer to buttocks. READ MORE

Its Smart Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift safe?

I'm having the surgery next week and now I'm thinking if I'm going to be ok. can I develop blood clots after the surgery and what can I do to prevent... READ MORE

Can I Get Two Smartlipo Procedures Within a Couple Months of Eachother?

Hi, I had a question and was hoping to get any info. I was interested in finding out more about smart lipo. Could I get two procedures of both the... READ MORE

I'm having a 2 Smart Lipo procedures at 3 days apart. Is this too soon together?

First-full abdomen , flanks, waist, arms Second-inner, outer thighs, and knees Is this Too soon? READ MORE

Are medication cocktails standard or do the vary among surgeons?

Lorazapam, Hydrocodone, Keflex and Clonadin are the medications that have been prescribd for me for the day of surgery. I will be having a combination... READ MORE

Is it possible for someone with an autoimmune disease (Lupus) to get Smart Lipo and a Brazilian butt lift?

I'm interested in body contour but have a history or various conditions steaming from an SLE lupus condition. I have been doing very well for the past... READ MORE

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