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Swelling in Groin After Body Jet Water Assisted Liposuction and Smart Lipo

Surgery done 2 days ago on abdomen and still a lot of drainage. Now there's dark ring of fluid buildup around the base of my penis. The doctor and... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Male Flanks?

I'm a man 29 year old who use to exercise everyday (gym, running...) and have very healthy life since so many years ago but I can't remove the... READ MORE

Skin Damage After Smart Lipo and PAL

I am a 30 yo male who had a "high definition" procedure on my abdomen, flank, and back 2 weeks ago. i have both the smartlipo and... READ MORE

At What Age is It Safe to Have Smart Lipo?

My 20-year-old son wants Smart Lipo on his abdomen. I don't know if being so young matters. What age is safe for someone to have Smart Lipo? READ MORE

Lumpiness or Skin Damage Post Smartlipo Triplex / PAL?

I am 4 weeks post "high definition" smartlipo triplex combined with PAL. we did abdominal and flank/back definition. i had concerns from the... READ MORE

Large Flanks After Smart Lipo

I'm a male and around 2 weeks ago, I had Smart Lipo on my chest, stomach, and flanks. Right now, I'm discouraged because my flanks (especially near... READ MORE

Should I Get Smart Lipo For A Second Time On Lower Abs Or A Mini-Tummy Tuck?

Hi everyone. I am 26 and had smart lipo done on my flanks and upper/lower abs about a year and half ago. The before and after results are great,... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Vs. Tummy Tuck, Which am I a Candidate for? (photo)

So my orginal thought was to get a tummy tuck after i lost about 50lbs. Now i'm no where near a doctor so i sent him pictures and he recommended... READ MORE

Smart Lipo and Chin Implant for Jawline?

Smart Lipo is said to be ideal for small fat deposits, but I've also read about potential scarring on the interior skin if the laser gets too... READ MORE

I Am a 28 Year Old Male 1 Week out from Liposuction of the Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks and See No Difference?

I was told I was a good canditate for lipo and would see significant results and change. 1 week out I still am pare shaped and my love handles are... READ MORE

Weight Gain from Smart Lipo Procedure

I weighed 182 lbs on average before I decided to have smart lipo done on my chest and abdomen. After the procedure my weight was now 192. Had the... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo, Tummy Tucky, Velashape or Any Other Recommendations for a 22 year old male. I am currently 5'9" 177lbs at 14.9% body fat via... READ MORE

Possible to Fix Uneven Abdomen After Tumescent Smart Lipo?

I am a male 39 never been overweight. had Tumescent with Smart-lipo done in late 2008 with a non plastic surgeon (my fault completely). The doctor... READ MORE

308lb, 5'11" Male - Is Smart Lipo a Good Start to Reduce Fat?

I'm a 308 Lb Male 5" 11 is Smart Lipo a Good Start to Reduce and Build Confidence READ MORE

Male SmartLipo on chin/neck, upper chest and abdomen

I am a male, 29 yrs old, 6'4", BMI of 29 and 241 lbs. Having SmartLipo done on my chin/neck, upper chest and abdomen. Any information would... READ MORE

Areola Numbness from Massaging Too Hard Post- Smart Lipo?

I am a male and had smartlipo on my chest two years ago. Afterwards two hard lumps developed under my nipples. The surgeon said it was hard fat that... READ MORE

I'm 28 yrs old male, 6'3, 220 lbs. Am I a good candidate for Smart Lipo?

I am a 28 year male that is 6'3" and I weigh about 220lbs. I would say that I am in average shape and my body fat is around 18%. I have love handles... READ MORE

Smart Lipo 1 month ago (abs, stomach, love handles) - Will I really see more improvement over the next couple of months? (photos

Hello! Long time lurker on here, I had Smart lipo a month ago on my abdomen stomach and love handles area. I think the results are going well so... READ MORE

Bruising and Loss of Sensitivity in Genitals After Smart Lipo in Male

I did smart lipo 4 days ago and my male genitals are bruised and i have no sensitivity in my penis. How long this symptoms will last? READ MORE

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