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Best Way to Get Rid of Lumps After SmartLipo?

Hello. I have SmartLipo a month ago and my lumps have grown bigger, harder and more pronounced. My stomach look really bad. I am very concerned... and... READ MORE

Should I be Able to Grab a Substantial Amount of Fat from the Area That Had Smart Lipo?

It's been 3 weeks since my procedure. I have hardness in a few areas near my belly button & I'm almost 100% again however, I can still... READ MORE

Smart Lipo 5 weeks post-op - When will these "ropes" of hard tissue go away?

I had smart lipo done on Oct. 1, 2011 - 5 weeks ago. to my torso (upper/lower abs, love handles, back and hips)  First - my stomach looks like... READ MORE

Hard and Bulging Muscles After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo done 5 months ago. I have not seen the doctor, and they can't seem to let me see him. My stomach is still large and the muscles are... READ MORE

Hardness After Smart Lipo, Is this Scar Tissue?

Normally how long it last? Is there a possibility of hardness or scar tissue to stay permanent? if it does what causes this and possible treatment? READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op and Chin Looks Worse Than Before Smartlipo: Swollen and Hard Areas.

I had only a slight double chin (hereditary) before surgery so dr said I didn't need much fat removed. Around day 5 my chin started to gradually... READ MORE

3 Months After Smartlipo - (Inner Thigh), is It Normall/usual to Still Have Area of Hardness?

3 Months After Smartlipo - (Inner Thigh), is It Normall/usual to Still Have Area of Hardness? READ MORE

2 Months After Arm Smart Lipo

I had arm smart lipo 2 months ago. My major concern is that it still hurts when I masagge and the middle section of the arms is still hard and looks... READ MORE

Can I Still Have Swelling 7 Months After a Smartlipo Fibrosis Touch Up? (photo)

I had a touch up under my bellybutton to break up some fibrosis that occurred when I first got smartlipo, its been close to 7 months now, and the... READ MORE

How Do I Know if the Hardness in my Stomach is Muscle?

I am 36 years old 5 ft. 1 in. 130 pds. and mother of two kids. I had smartlipo done two weeks ago today. The dr. took out over 1000 cc's from my abs... READ MORE

Hardness After Smart-lipo?

I had smart lipo on my inner and outer thighs 2 weeks ago. Some areas, feel harder than others. I still have some bruising though the areas that are... READ MORE

Residual Hardness 3 Months After Smartlipo, Is This Normal?

Residual hardness 3 months after smartlipo of inner thigh, at this point can this still be considered as a normal healing process? READ MORE

Smart Lipo a Month Ago and Feel the Same?

I had smartlipo a month agon on my tummy and love handles. I know it prob didnt have full effect now but tummy fat feels the same and still hard..I... READ MORE

What should I do? I am experiencing extreme discomfort and the garments are starting to become intolerable.

May 1, 2014, I had smartlipo on my upper & lower abdomen, flanks and bra roll. When I went in for my 10 day check up May 13 my stomach was hard tender... READ MORE

5 years after Smart Lipo I have a large hard patch in my tummy area below my belly button. (photo)

I had smart lipo done over 5 years ago and have noticed for quite some time now a large hard patch in my tummy area below my belly button. When I... READ MORE

9 days post op of SmartLipo, I'm experiencing a burning sensation in my abs. How long will this last?

Smart lipo on abs 9 days ago on saddlebags & upper/lower abs. I have 2 hard areas where the wand went in under the skin? will this soften over time? READ MORE

8 days post op, my swelling is pretty bad the last few days. Any suggestions?

I'm about 8 days out from smartlipo and my swelling is pretty bad the last few days. I've also devopled some lumps and hard spots. Is there a massage... READ MORE

Is it normal to experience a burning pain?

I had smartlipo a week ago today on my top and lower abs. I had a c-section and had a flap of fat they worked hard on. Now I'm feeling a burning pain... READ MORE

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