Restalyn Filled in my Expression Lines

About a year ago my dermatologist convinced me to...

About a year ago my dermatologist convinced me to switch from Botox to Restylane. She promised that it would last longer and give me a more natural appearance for clearing my "expression lines" (for about the same price!). Sounded good, and I went ahead with the injections (2).

Really quite simple to get restylane (some spas now require no advance appointments). My skin was numbed ahead of time in the areas where she would make the insertion. The entire process took about 15 minutes, and I noticed immediate results. Botox takes more time (but not too long). This past Spring I had my freshening-up visit, which means my Restylane lasted over 8 months. I won't be going back to Botox, and honestly, I prefer the hyaluronic acid injected in my face than botulism.

I have very pronounced lines on either side of my mouth that I am considering Restylane injections for. Would you mind emailing me your providers name. Thank you in advance
I don't think the two should be compared. They are doing two different things here. Sometimes a person might need a little of both. The botox freezes the muscle so you stop moving it and making wrinkles. The restylane fills a deep wrinkle but you continue to move the forehead making wrinkles worse or making new ones.
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