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Microdermabrasion - Not Quite a Cat Tongue

It's like a cat's tongue touching your...

It's like a cat's tongue touching your face. This is how my aesthetician explained what I was about to experience with Microdermabrasion.

I would say that at first it was a bit shocking. Not painful, but not like a cat licking my face. That is kind of a cool feeling. The areas that I had some acne scarring on my chin were a bit sensitive and then on the sides of my face it felt kind of nice. She did a bit on my chest and when I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror I could see the red lines where my skin was sloughed off. She said that she did it on the lowest setting till I get used to the feeling and to see how my skin responded to the first treatment.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. My skin feels great and I will go back to get a few more treatments to lighten the hyperpigmentation on my chin and some new "freckles" cause I don't want to call them age spots on the side of my face

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True believer of Microdermabrasion. I had an outbreak on my face and chin area due to an environmental change in my work environment. So bad that I had bandages on my face. I walked into the derma care center near my home and they had explained to me that these were not pimples, rather a bad reaction to something my face did not like. Any ways, they suggested the microdermabrasion since I had breaks in my skin and a chemical peel would only damage it more. I had 2 treatments, 2 weeks apart and was cleansing with SkinCeutical daily with a free sample of CE antitocin. Well you know with your face and any blemish nothing is fast enough, but within 2 days I could see my face healing nicely. After the second treatment I was getting awesome comments from people of how beautiful my skin looked. I am 37 and one comment was that my skin looked like that of a 12-year-old. And I am someone with pale skin, sun burned unintentionally but often growing up, and many sun spots. I have continued my treatments now only 4-5 times a year and regular soft cleansing and use of CE and I could not be happier. I love the treatment, it is very relaxing, and love the feeling of my face and skin after. My deep lines have decreased and my pigmentation is completely blended. I rarely get pimples and that tends to be around PMS time only. And if I leave them alone (I'm a picker) they go away within the next day. I would recommend it to anyone looking for help with blending pigmentation, blemish issues, or line "reduction" that plans to get minimum 4 treatments before making final judgement on the procedure and it's results. Shop around, average cost in midwest is $100, but many offices provide discounted packages.
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