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Try Tea Bags --cheap and Easy

I read a while ago in Allure that placing tea bags...

I read a while ago in Allure that placing tea bags (not scalding hot!) over your eyes to reduce puffiness. I started out by buying a product called Jane Eyes Tea. But soon I realized I was paying $1 for each tea bag that's no different from one's I get at Safeway for a fraction of the cost!

Each evening I take 10 minutes with chilled Stash chamomile bags over my eyes (I used them in the A.M. for my morning tea, so getting double use).

Tea bags don't get rid of my dark eye circles but this is good for reducing my undereye puffiness. Another tip is to take the tea bag contents and mix it with an equal part of fine cornmeal. I use this as a facial scrub. May sound weird, but try it!

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