Relaxing but Didn't Help my Sagging Skin

I learned about acupuncture facelifts from an NBC...

I learned about acupuncture facelifts from an NBC news program where I saw amazing before-and-after pictures. I found a Acupuncture physician on Craigslist [maybe that's where I went wrong] and got an appointment. The treatment session involved 5 acupuncture needles that surprisingly didn't hurt when inserted into my skin. I hate pain, so I would say it's painfree.

After 20 minutes the session ended. I felt relaxed after the treatment until I paid my $65 bill where I was told I wouldn't see results until I completed 20 or more follow-up sessions. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a shot for a package of 15 sessions. I did these sessions last year and each time I left feeling relaxed, but nothing really was changing to lift and tighten my skin. Maybe acupuncture works for others, but not at all for me. I'm back to cosmetic medicine.

SusanT, I'm sorry the cosmetic acupuncture didn't work for you, but I'm not sure how representative your experience is. 5 needles is not a lot. Some acupuncturists will use as many as 5 needles PER WRINKLE. And 20 minutes is very brief. Most cosmetic acupuncture treatments last up to an hour.
I agree, Nancy, as I Am a Cosmetic Acupuncturist. I don't even understand the five needle idea...probably why no results happened...hmmm...
Craigslist can offer many good things, so I don't think that was the issue - credentials should always be checked...
I'm going to try this. I will take that advice into account when I look for an acupuncturist and will see if I can find one that really knows facial acupuncture,
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