Massive Weight Loss + Skin Tightening

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Is It Possible for Me to Get Rid of Loose Skin?

Hi im 18 years old, last year i lost about 40kg (88 pound) in one year and now i have excess skin on my abs and thighs it really bothers me it feels... READ MORE

I lost 170lb, Are there any alternatives to massive surgery to remove excess arm and inner thigh skin? photo)

I was 300lb back in 2000, Sz 26 & I'm down to 130 Sz 4. Is there anything less $$ than major surgery? I so much wanted to get thin & be healthy. I did... READ MORE

I am interested in skin tightening treatment for my neck and possibly facial volume treatments. Any recommendations? (photos)

I'm a 51-year-old woman who has lost over hundred pounds over the past 10 years and am interested in skin tightening treatment for my lax neck skin... READ MORE

Recommendations To Help Skin "Bounce Back" After Weight Loss?

I'm 42, white male and parents have good skin elasticity. After gatric bypass and 125lb weight loss, the skin in my ab area is SLIGHTLY sagging... READ MORE

When Can I Remove Loose Skin After Massive Weight Loss?

How soon after loosing excessive weight can a procedure be done for my loose skin? READ MORE

What non-surgical options do I have to tighten up the loose skin I have after losing weight?

I have lost 100 pounds and am happy with my weight. However, I have some saggy skin on my stomach, legs, and arms. Do I have to have surgery to... READ MORE

What treatments would work to tighten, to some noticeable degree the inner thighs, lower butt, upper arms and stomach?

After extreme weight loss the skin left behind is saggy, jiggly, exceeded excessive and sun texture is dry and dimply. Muscular tone is lose and lacks... READ MORE

Options For Non-surgical Skin Tightening for Slight Skin Sagging?

I've lost over 125 pounds after gastric bypass surgery. I'm at an ideal weight (5'10" and 158lbs), but I do have SLIGHT skin sagging... READ MORE

I Look 2xs my Age B/c of Loose Skin, What Are My Options?

I had a GB in 2002, and I havent been able to get the plastic surgery Ive been needing for almost a decade. I was a over weight teen, with failing... READ MORE

What is your treatment suggestion for loose saggy skin after 140 lb weight loss? (photos)

I lost 135lbs have crepey lose skin on abdomens Upper arms and thighs. . I also suffer from multiple sclerosis which causes chronic fatigfhue and... READ MORE

Are there other options out there that are a little cheaper than a body lift to tighten my skin?

I am 21 and working 2 full time jobs on top of personal training on the side and going to school full time. I am desperate to get rid of this... READ MORE

What would be the best way to tighten my loose skin? (photos)

What would be the best way to tighten my loose skin? I lost 90 pounds so I know I am lucky that it doesn't look too bad. I would like to be able to... READ MORE

Will Florida medicaid through Integral cover cosmetic surgery for rashes under loose skin and inner thighs??

I live in Florida and have lost 146 lbs and have rashes occurring under my loose skin from lower stomach and insides of my thighs. I am on medicaid... READ MORE

After losing over half of my body weight how do I get the skin to shrink?

The skin around my middle section and thighs is the worst it just hangs off of me. I lost 168 lbs over 2 years and have maintained my new 140 lb... READ MORE

How can I lose excess skin naturally? (Photo)

My name is Anastasia and I am 20 Years old. In the last 6 years or so I lost a lot of weight, I went from 130kg = 286lb to 69kg = 152lb. But now I... READ MORE

Can I tighten my loose skin around my abdominals without getting surgery? (Photo)

I am 20 years old, and about a year 2 and half years I've lost about 141 pounds. I have some loose skin around my ab area but it doesn't seem to be... READ MORE

I had the sleeve last year and I need a lot of extra skin removed. How do I go about getting my insurance to cover it?

I've lost 150 pounds so far i hate the hanging skin it gives me rashes and it bleeds bad and i just think it's nasty looking. how do i go about... READ MORE

Other than a belt lipectomy, what am I looking at to get the best results for my post weight-loss skin? What price range?(Photo)

After losing roughly 140lbs, I am looking to have skin removal surgery. I still weigh about 195lbs, but honestly am quite comfortable with my weight,... READ MORE

What do you recommend I do to afford surgery?

I have lost over 200 lbs the past 2-3 years. This has left a considerable amount of excess skin on my stomach and thighs, and also my breasts will... READ MORE

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