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Skin Tightening Lasers - How Long Do Results Last?

I'm attempting to get an answer with respect to how long the skin tightening effect of either Total FX (Active FX + Deep FX) and/or Fraxel Repair... READ MORE

Do Laser Treatments Really Work for Skin Tightening?

I've recently started looking at laser procedures offered at Cosmetic Surgery offices and want to know how effective they are, which laser procedure... READ MORE

Will Laser Skin Tighten and Laser for Stretch Marks Help My Abdomen After Pregnancy? (photo)

Please help, I'm 22, 106lbs, 5'1, after having my baby I ended up with stretch marks on my belly and sides, I have to admit that have always have them... READ MORE

Which Laser is Better For Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Removal?

Which laser is the most effective for skin tightening and wrinkle removal Fraxel or Smart skin CO2 if both doctors are good? I'm 53 and have white skin. READ MORE

Which is Better for Firming and Tightening? Sculptra or Laser or Both?

From everything that I hear about scupltra it seems amazing - does it really do what it claims and is it better than facial lasers or RF? READ MORE

Is Laser Skin Tightening Effective and Safe?

I’m a guy, 30 years old, I've had a diet 2 years ago and I managed to loose 33 kg. I am now 184cm and 88 kg and exercise a few times a week. I have... READ MORE

Best Skin Tightening Laser for Eyelids?

I Have Had Thermage on my Eyes and Face. I notice the results on the face more than the eyes. I'm wanting to do another procedure to tighten the... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old. What is the best treatment for saggy skin after weightloss?

What's the best treatment for loose skin? I've lost 6stone over a year ago, and my skin is still quite loose. I'm 19, but my skin is taking really... READ MORE

Best Skin Tightening Laser Treatment for the Abdomen?

I in no shape or form want a tummy tuck. That is way to invasive for me personally. So I am turning to laser treatments. My skin is not too bad, but I... READ MORE

How often should you go for laser skin tightening?

I purchased a package of 6 sessions for laser skin tightening and was told to come once a week for 6 weeks. Is that too often or does the skin need... READ MORE

Doc said I am not ready for eye lift, that laser is best option. Which laser works best to improve slightly sagging skin?

I have so far seen two plastic surgeons. One offers dot matrix laser for my undereyes (and full face), the other says erbium works just as well as CO... READ MORE

What's the best laser for skin tightening on thighs?

Someone recommended the Reaction laser for tightening the skin around my knees. Do you agree? Is there another laser that would provide skin... READ MORE

Which is the Best Laser to Cause Skin to Contract, Tighten?

Please I just want an honest answer. I had horrible damage to my lower lip and skin beneath after a surgeon weaved an excessive amount of fascia... READ MORE

Laser Life - Sidelaze. Will it get rid of jowls and tighten my skin?

Does this procedure get rid of loose, sagging skin in the jawline, jowls, and tightens the neck? I had a consultation for this several months ago and... READ MORE

Lasers - Subsurface tightening in following lasers occurs at which level?

Subsurface tightening in following lasers occurs at which level? 1. 600 - 1000 mj Er:yag 2. Q switched Nd: yag 3. IPL I am interested in knowing at... READ MORE

Looking for a non invasive tightening laser/cream for face that won't kill my fat!

I am 42, and i see the beginning of skin laxity. What kind of lotion and or laser shall i use to firm the skin of the face and to prevent it from... READ MORE

Am I taking the right treatment for the sagging skin near my mouth/smile lines?

I am 29 years old (female). I have slight amount of sagging near my mouth and my smile lines became prominent. My cosmetologist suggested laser skin... READ MORE

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