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Is There a Procedure to Remove Excess Armpit Skin?

Is there a procedure to remove excess armpit skin? I'm not overweight yet I find that as I'm getting older, the skin in my underarm or armpit is... READ MORE

Treatment for Excess Skin That Can Be Pulled Out?

I am young and my facial skin is not saggy. There is much excess though if I pull it out. How do i get rid of this skin? I am now 22 and a senior in... READ MORE

Pro-bono Surgery for Removal of Loose Skin?

I lost a lot of weight and now I have all this skin and I need help removing it. I don't have the money I'm on SSI. The only thing I know I could do... READ MORE

What Do You Know About Yolo Curve For Excess Skin?

There's not much information out there on Yolo Curve from people other than drs. trying to sell it. Does anyone have any experience with this... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Tightening Lower Arm Skin?

The sagging skin is on the top of my arms from the wrist to the elbow. I weigh 128 pounds. This is a side effect from a medicine I took for Lupus. Can... READ MORE

Will Working out Help Strengthen Neck Muscles and Tighten Skin?

I just turned 49 and am beginning to notice access skin on my neck when I turn my head a certain way. Is it possible when strengthening the upper body... READ MORE

Removing Excess Arm Skin by Pulling It Toward the Arm Pit. Does This Work?

I have excessive arm skin after significant weight loss. A few years ago, I read of a surgery that removes excess arm skin without the unsightly scars... READ MORE

Excess skin removal without TT?

Hi. I was just wondering if it was at all possible to just remove excess skin from the lower belly without tightening muscle. My muscle underneath... READ MORE

Is there any other treatment to help lift & remove excess skin from my calves?

I've always had large calves. About ten years ago I had some lipo and was not satisfied but did not more. Now I lost about 30 lbs.over a year ago plus... READ MORE

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